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  • Kirlian photos and analysis
    Kirlian Photos And Analysis
    Angelique Healing
    2nd Feb 2015 - 8th Feb 2015
    The energy emission of your hands and feet taken with a special camera gives information about your health and well-bein...
  • New Year - New You
    New Year - New You
    Reverse Therapy Nz
    9th Dec 2014 - 9th Feb 2015
    Book 2 Reverse Therapy sessions today and receive a 20% discount on both appointments. Learn how to take control of y...
  • thelifeplan programme
    Thelifeplan Programme
    Jason Shon Bennett
    21st Oct 2014 - 30th Dec 2015
    thelifeplan is a wonderful way to take control of your health from the comfort of your own home, while you’re on the r...
  • Mother & Baby Offer
    Mother & Baby Offer
    North City Osteopaths
    24th Sep 2014 - 1st Mar 2015
    A newborn baby up to the age of 6months old will receive the first cranial treatment free when his/her mother receives p...
  • First Timers & Referrals Deal
    First Timers & Referrals Deal
    10th Sep 2014 - 10th Sep 2015
    Pulse Massage Therapists are so confident that you'll be happy and satisfied with your treatment that we offer 20% off y...

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