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Relieve Pain The Bowen Way, Helping Your Body Remember How To Heal Itself.

Discovering Bowen Therapy

After two years of searching for a Therapy to compliment my already established and successful Bioresonance Quit Smoking Therapy, I was introduced, quite by accident, to a modality I had never heard of before…. Bowen Therapy.  

My search had distinct criteria so I was able to determine quite quickly, whether I should investigate a therapy further, or keep searching.  Bowen Therapy, simply by its name, gave me no clue as to the type of Therapy I had been introduced to.  So…. with a little research and the help of Mr Google, I was able to immediately establish that this previously unknown (to me) treatment totally ticked all my search boxes.  

Learning Bowen Therapy

Simply, the lights went on! I had discovered what I was looking for in a Complimentary Therapy and very quickly,  found myself knee deep in a few years of text books, tests, Case studies, class rooms and courses, embarking on a journey of learning that was challenging, exciting, stimulating, fulfilling and finally resulting in the completion of my Bowen Therapy training and with both New Zealand and Australian Certification to grace my Clinic wall.

My Bowen Clinic

I have my Clinic at home where it is quiet, cosy, centrally located with good parking where the biggest distraction may be 2 rather naughty but affectionate Burmese cats who insist on being the official welcoming party…(when they feel like it).  

Later this year we have a plan to build a wee cottagey Clinic in our garden with the bees, birds and butterflies busy among the roses and the veges.



Elderslea Wellness Clinic
Tui McKenzie
10 Tui Grove
Upper Hutt City Centre
Upper Hutt City 5018

Phone: 045297405
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