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Dr.Wayne McCarthy

Dr Wayne has worked tirelessly since to promote Ozone Therapy building a practice to help thousands of people recover from a wide range of health challenges with many of them moving towards optimal health and vitality.  Ozone has proven effective for most health conditions as it helps fully oxygenate the body improving the immune system to a level where naturally occurring healing and vitality readily occur.

Prolotherapy another key aspect of Wayne’s portfolio fills an important gap between physiotherapy and surgery strengthening ligaments, tendons and cartilage, restoring joints and enabling normal function and mobility.

It’s especially good for old knee and back injuries as well as restoring shoulder strength and mobility. It’s potentially a permanent cost effective solution for sporting injuries.

Dr Wayne has also trained in osteopathy and psychology giving him an holistic portfolio of skills for dealing with most health challenges, from simple infections through to difficult chronic conditions.

Public Resources:

• Ozone Therapy in Action (White Paper)

• Information on UBI Therapy 
(White Paper)

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