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As a naturopath, when you book in for your initial and follow up consultations, I aim to assist you on your path to long-term health through naturopathy, good nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medicine and supplements as required. 


What To Expect From Your Consultation.....

Initial Consultation: In your initial hour long consult, I will discuss your health concerns in detail, your diet and nutrition, lifestyle, digestive health and that of other body systems such as hormonal, thyroid, and cardiovascular. From this I will develop a customised treatment plan which will include nutritional and dietary recommendations, lifestyle advice and recommended herbs and supplements.

Follow-up Consultation: Making lifestyle and dietary changes can be challenging so I strongly recommend a follow-up consultation to support you and help keep you on track.  During your 30 minute appointment we will review your treatment plan, assess your progress, making changes as necessary, and add in any additional treatment that may be required. 

Skype Consultations: If you live outside of Auckland, are travelling or it is easier for you, you can still book consultations with me via Skype.

Testing: I offer a wide range of Naturopathic Functional Testing which support a more in depth diagnosis and provide the best possible treatment plans.  Other testing may be required but the range includes:

• Hormone profile testing - both male and female

• Allergy / food intolerance testing / stool tests

•Stress / adrenal profile testing / comprehensive thyroid profile testing

• Other tests such as blood tests through Labtests.


The main focus of Naturopathy is to promote optimal health and wellness and to prevent disease. Using the healing power of nature the naturopath treats the whole person, assessing not only their physical symptoms, but also their mental and emotional health, nutrition and lifestyle factors, and their environment. The naturopath empowers the individual to take more responsibility for their own health. Ultimately naturopathy encompasses good nutrition, a balanced lifestyle, herbal medicine, and the correction of nutritional imbalances with vitamin and mineral supplements.

Nutritional & Lifestyle Advice

A nutritionally rich diet can significantly improve your health and well being. Many conditions both acute and chronic can be improved by changing what you eat, and many of the health problems we see today are largely due to the western diet. By gradually implementing changes you can have a positive impact on your health and play a large role in disease prevention. “You really are what you eat.”

Lifestyle advice includes recommendations and ideas for things such as exercise, relaxation, sleep assistance, stress management and more. This is given in consultation with the client and alongside any nutritional advice, herbal medicine and supplements.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine can be used to treat almost any medical condition, both acute and chronic. It is made exclusively from plants and is increasingly being the subject of scientific research to prove its validity and effectiveness. Herbal medicine is individually prescribed in combination with diet, lifestyle advice, and supplements as required.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements are often required to address nutritional deficiencies that are becoming more and more common due to soil depletion, the western diet and food choices. Magnesium is a good example of a mineral that is often deficient in the general population. Once again these are individually prescribed in conjunction with diet, lifestyle advice, and herbal medicine as required.

Whole Life Vitality Eating For Health Programme

An easy to follow programme that is not a diet but is a lifestyle that can easily be followed. It includes nutritional information, dietary guidelines, recipes, tips for eating, meal plans and exercise guidelines. There are also recommended supplements to support you.

Whole Life Vitality – Eating for Health Programme

This programme is easy to follow and will help you to:

• Lose weight

• Feel energised and increase your vitality

• Improve your general health and wellbeing

• Get in shape all year round

Book in for a personalised Eating for Health programme with Caroline today – at her Grey Lynn Clinic, or CityMed Pharmacy Clinic (Auckland City) or via Skype. CONTACT CAROLINE HERE for booking details.


Caroline Robinson: Natural Health and Nutrition
Caroline Robinson
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