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You know all those great techniques you’ve read about, listened to and probably paid good money to learn?  They all usually require a little practice and most are best done on a daily basis. If you usually excuse yourself from personal growth or spiritual practices because you have too much to do, vacations are a true gift. Rather than thinking you have to be incredibly disciplined and rigid about this you could take a laid back Kiwi approach to your spirituality this summer. Here are some great ways to nurture, heal and expand your awareness as you relax.

All it takes is to put a little contemplation into your day – on yourself, your life, how loving you feel, what ticks you off and what you are learning from all this? You can do this under a sun umbrella, floating on the sea, gazing at the sunset, listening to the dawn chorus or tramping in the bush.

If you ask to increase your awareness and mentally simply ask yourself some questions the universe (or your subconscious mind) will always respond.  The answers could be quiet whispers or something more obvious – either way take notice.  Then apply your chosen healing practice to that thought or area. If you’ve learnt a technique like ThetaHealing you’ll know how to intuitively connect to a healing energy – even that simple action will help you feel fantastic.  If you know how to make belief changes or give yourself a top up of positive feelings – go right ahead. No one needs to know that you could be giving yourself a healing – you’ll just look like you’re snoozing under your sunnies!

Get extra sleep while you can, plus when you’re waking up notice the random thoughts that scoot through your brain. Some of those thoughts will be answers to the questions you posed and the insights are invaluable. Your brain will be in a theta wave and it’s a perfect time to tune in and do a little healing on yourself. Send loving thoughts to your body and thank it for doing such an amazing job through your hectic year. Breathe into your belly and relax – this time is for you.

You may love journalling, painting, listening to music, reading or even writing poetry, or gardening as mindful meditations. I love preparing meals or even hanging out the laundry on a sunny morning!   Nibble fresh fruits or veggies while they are abundant and let your liver recover from feasting. Exercise because it rejuvenates you, not because you have too.

There’s no need to become obsessed about any of it, just don’t fill every minute with distractions. Sometimes vegging out is just what you need but too many distractions can be a barrier to inner reflection.  Maybe let social media, emails and even t.v. fall to the wayside to give yourself an electronic holiday.  Instead focus on some carefully administered natural radiation – healthier vitamin D levels will be your reward.

It’ll all be far easier because you have time.  No schedules, no pressure and staying away from home can help. The hidden bonus is that regular meditating or connecting to a healing energy will keep you feeling mellow, happy and contented. Then you’re in a better place for recognizing and enhancing your intuition – something that can feel difficult when stressed or wired. Plus you’ll then be in a good space to dream and manifest for the coming year.

So see your break from everyday work as an opportunity to catch up on some self healing and development.  You’ll be ready to return to normal transmission post holidays with extra sparkles and light in your space. All you need to do is to remember to take your spiritual self on holiday too. You’ve already got everything inside you –  no packing required.

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