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When I was in my 20’s my mother made a beautiful patchwork quilt from all the pretty dressmaking fabric scraps.  In that quilt I could trace remnants of the important and happy events in my life.  The pink flowers of my first ball dress, my fine Liberty print ‘going away’ outfit or the soft green of my first evening dress.  Each swatch of fabric was scattered in loose groups with no strict plan yet it made a thing of beauty that is still treasured by my daughter.

That quilt’s a lot like my life.  If I looked too closely the perfection would be invisible. When I step back and take a bird’s eye view I see beautiful patterns emerge. Very little of my earlier life was planned, yet each part has fallen into place. If I wasn’t planning it, what, or who, was?

Take my business degree, not the average training for a healer but that highly logical left brain education taught me how to research, think and write. I learnt how to process huge amounts of information and produce an ordered argument or point of view.  It’s been a great balancer to my right brain intuitive side.  Funnily enough I don’t remember any incredible planning, just a chance comment in my late 30’s that set me thinking.  Once I was involved I totally immersed myself and I discovered I had a pretty awesome intelligence.

Earlier on if you’d told me I’d find a degree helpful in my life as a professional intuitive healer I would have laughed.  Possibly my path was a little hidden from me and for a good reason.  I was being gently lead through my training and to my calling without fear or denial setting in.

What do you think you may be heading towards that will be rewarding, igniting your passion and purpose? You may not truly know until it turns up. I seem to remember making decisions about having my babies, travelling the world, taking this or that job or buying a particular house, but there are others where I seemed to act on a compulsion that came from a higher power.  These instinctive leaps were the best with far reaching consequences I couldn’t comprehend at the outset.

My vocation as a healer and teacher was ignited after one simple phone conversation.  I’d voiced a choice and the intense power of those words wooshed through my space.  It was a done deal.  No goal, plan or anything!  I was booking flights for America and my first healing instructors training with very little conscious thought – because a much deeper (or higher) part of me was at work here and it was well beyond the reach of earthly goal setting.

I didn’t know till many years later that at those intense moments my will was totally in harmony with divine will.  I was instinctively connecting with the promises my soul had made, they were part of my divine timing and things I felt utterly compelled to do.  One of mine is being a teacher and healer to help others, and myself, evolve.

Hearing my calling was just the beginning – I had to follow up with plenty of action: study and intensive preparation, heaps of practice and determination. Then the goal setting you hear so much about could kick in.  I learnt about manifesting as I built my practice and now it’s as easy as breathing. It’s taken a combination of faith and trust, lots of motivation and commitment topped off with passion and kindness – to say nothing of clearing my self-limiting beliefs that could have stopped me in my tracks.  These turned that initial stroke of spiritual inspiration into reality.

So whether or not it’s in your life path to do something great, it’s perfection when you get those moments of random serendipity.  The cosmic tumblers fall into place, allowing a bright light to illuminate your life. I trust that at the right time you’ll get the tap on the shoulder, or hear the quiet whisper that sets your heart alight and you’ll notice.  It’d be hard ignore it.

Once crucial element of bringing that inspiration to fruition is knowing when to goal set or dream, when to push or to hesitate, or even to wait, when to ‘hand it over’ or to send clear manifesting thoughts out to the universe.

So if you had no new year’s resolutions you’re not a lost cause – our lives come with an amnesty clause: “it’s never too late to create”.  You can start again right now with a new list, or put out your thoughts for what you want, or really get life going and open your mind and heart to some divine inspiration. This last one is the where you can really shine.

Whichever way it turns up, you’ll require patience because sometimes the timing is not spot on, but it will be.  That partner you hanker for may be leaving their old relationship and wouldn’t you prefer to meet them when they are free and be ready to love you?

Are you really ready to be your life purpose, do you even know what it is, or does the knowledge of it drive you nuts?

The best solution to these kinds of dilemmas is to seek help to gracefully remove your tiresome barriers – but you may still need to wait for the right timing. I waited a fair old while for mine, but when the moment arrived it was all on.

Ultimately only you know that, so become mindful of your internal state and identify what’s right for you.  Relax if you don’t have a perfect plan, some higher part of you will know exactly where you’re supposed to be.  We can’t really ever be late for our destiny.

Learn to combine heavenly inspiration and guidance, goal setting or planning, manifesting and plenty of action into an equation of transformation. Then you’ll always be creating a thing of beauty whether it’s a quilt, a calling or your life.

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