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I graduated from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in 2007 with a Diploma of Nutrition, and is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist. Carolyn is a founding member and Treasurer of the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand Inc. and is also a Member of Iris NZ Ltd.

I take a high resolution digital photo of both of your Iris's and enlarge them on the computer screen. This gives me a direct insight into your digestive function as the same fine sympathetic nerves that are reflected in the iris, affect your digestive tract.

You and I can then discuss the changes seen in your eyes in relation to your present health problems. What is more important, I can tell you how best to address and correct these health problems whether they have been long term or are short term conditions.

A personalized written in-depth report will be sent out to you following the consultation outlining all the points discussed with other any suggestions that I may find, specific for you. This gives you a plan you can use as a new 'Health Strategy' to achieve your health goals.

Far from, then abandoning you, a future appointment may be made for a follow up, once you have implemented some suggestions and help monitor your progress, helping you achieve your goals.

Carolyn views iridology as a diagnostic tool, enabling her along with nutritional programmes to help you on your way to better health naturally.

Iridology may benefit the following common conditions;


Blood Pressure



Sleep Disorders

Acupuncture services are also referred by Carolyn.

Clinic Hours:  
Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm.

Professional Qualifications:
Member of the Iris Association
Member & Treasurer of the Clinical Nutrition Association


Carolyn Mettrick - North Shore Nutrition
Carolyn Mettrick
83 Seaview Road
North Shore City 0629

Phone: 027 240 9474

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