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Susan is a qualifed Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, FSM & QRA Practitioner who uses herbs, nutrition, iridology, blood analysis, urine analysis, Asyra BioEnergetic testing, microcurrent therapy and kinesiology to obtain the best results for each client.

She continues to attend advanced training courses regularly to keep up with world wide research and trends in the health, well being and natural therapies fields.

Benefits of Naturopathic Wellness Care

Include taking the whole person in to account, minimal or no side effects,cost effectiveness and direct personalised treatment of the cause of the condition.

What Does Holistic Solutions Do For You?

I put together a comprehensive picture of:

    •    your current symptoms

    •    your health goals

    •    treatment direction

I will discuss with you the picture and together we will formulate an action plan to support your wellbeing.

Along the way we will review the effectiveness of the formulated action plan.During the treatment I will provide you with tools to support your health goals.

Various diagnostic tests may be applied to assist me in formulating an action plan.


Do you wonder if you have nutrient deficiencies or need a hormonal test and tune?  wonder about oxidative stress, food sensitivities.  Have an express 30 minute main body system test plus one chief complaint area and receive a full report and Personalised Asyra homeopathic formula to take home. Great for kids or clients who just want to make sure their body is functioning ideally.

 (The full initial 1.25 hr consult is recommended when there are a number of health concerns.)

Common Ailments That Respond Well To Naturopathic Treatment Include:

Digestion: bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn

Respiratory: common cold, hayfever, chest infections, sinusitis, asthma, sore throats

Poor Immunity: frequent coughs & colds, hayfever, skin infections, fatigue

Muscular And Skeletal Pain: athritis- osteoathritis, rheumatoid arthiritis, inflammation, fibromyalgia

General Health: stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, weight loss, acne

Women's Health: period pain, polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), endometriosis, urinary tract infections, irregular menses, hormone imbalances


Your initial consultation will take approximately an hour, depending on the complexity of your problem.

The time for repeat consultations may vary from 30-60 minutes.

Please bring along a list of past and current medications, current supplements and any test results relating to your condition.  Please do not take your non-necessary supplements on day of consultation.

Your consultation will include taking an extensive medical, social, dietary, environmental and lifestyle history. Through this I am able to build an impression of how your body is functioning, and make recommendations or prescribe remedies that are appropriate to this. A treatment plan will be formulated that may include a herbal, nutritional, dietary, flower essence, lifestyle or Microcurrent prescription.

Iridology, urine analysis, kinesiology, Asyra or other testing may be used as an adjunct during a consultation, there are a number of diagnostic tools used within each consultation to achieve the most accurate information about your health.


Ensuring you get the best possible diagnostic to facilitate speedy and positive health outcomes.

  • I have the latest in proven tools and testing available in the world.

    My comprehensive diagnostic toolkit helps you to identify the underlying cause of your health concerns;


    Bachelor of Naturopathy
    Dip. Herbal Medicine
  • Dip. Clinical Nutritionist
  • Dip. Microcurrent Therapy
    Dip. Iridology
  • Cert. QRA Practitioner
    Cert. Sound & Colour Therapist
    Cert. Urine Analysis
    Cert. Advanced No Needles Acupuncture - Microcurrent

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Susan Herald-Smith
2a Dodson Avenue
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Phone: 4894460

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