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» Making up your Mind

Things happen. That's a fact of life that nobody could dispute. But how to deal with changes and stress is a subject that provokes plenty of discussion. That's where I come in.

As a registered psychologist, with 14 years experience in the field, I can help individuals and families, sports and business people, I have developed my skills as a motivator, life skills manager, stress buster, mind coach and mentor. I can also assist with family and child counselling, sports psychology, media commentary, image consultancy and more..
An objective viewpoint can make all the difference when you're feeling confused. I can help you to identify issues and explore the different paths to a good outcome. Often it's simply a matter of picking the right strategies and working out how to put them in place.
MindWorks Psychological Services head office is based in East Auckland, 5 minutes from the CBD. Sara consults with local and international clients and sports people face to face, by phone, Skype webcam, or e-mail. Fees are structured to each form of consultation

Techniques: Sara and her team of associated professionals use results- oriented narrative and cognitive behavioural approaches. Clients have an initial assessment session (1-2 hrs), where their issues are identified. Then individuals, couples and/or families receive psychological techniques in follow-up sessions that are both practical, informative and tailored to meet their needs. 

You can catch up with some wise words from Sara in the New Zealand Fitness Magazine where she writes a regular column called "MindFit" and also the Sport Unleashed and Women's Health Magazines. 

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Sara Chatwin

Registered Psychologist.
Registered NZCER Tester.
MNZPsS; M.A. Hons.
Sports Psych. Cert. AUT.





» Our People

MindWorks offers interface with a number of Registered Health Professionals and Consultants who are at the cutting edge of their industry. These people include:

    •    Image Consultant

    •    Sports Trainer

    •    Massage Therapist

    •    Financial Advisor

    •    Sports Physician

    •    Dietician

    •    Public Relations Consultant

    •    Physiotherapist

» Client Feedback

“Sara was recommended to me ….. and I am glad she was! Her ability to cut through my crap and give me some really good options, probably saved my relationship and my family” Anna C

“I found the friendly MindWorks environment easy to relax in and there was always someone on hand to listen to me when I needed it. I was lacking in confidence and self esteem, but I think now, with the encouragement I got, I am more able to achieve what I WANT. Once I had cleared out a whole lot of my stuff, I saw a lot of things differently. It was a cool experience and probably over-due!”
Darrin T

{Due to confidentiality we cannot publish surnames}

Registered member of:
New Zealand Psychological Society

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Sara Chatwin
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