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Looking to get your life back on track?

Together, we will implement effective strategies and proven routines to restore calmness and clarity

As a relationship coach, I specialise in helping women get back on track with their lives after experiencing a detour from their path of purpose.
Whether it's a relationship breakdown with your partner, children or any other major life event, I will provide a unique blend of mindset tools and life coaching to help guide you and support your return to a place of stability and self-empowerment.

Attention All Parents Experiencing Teen Challenges:
Is raising your teen causing you to feel stuck on a roller coaster ride?
Do you live with constant anxiety & worries?
Do you find yourself constantly thinking about how to talk to your teen? Or why is your teen not opening up to you?
  • Peer Pressure - You want to protect your teen from the negative influence of their peers.
  • Academic Pressure - You worry about your teen’s academic performance.
  • Social media  - Worrying about their social media use and how to keep them safe from online negative experiences.
  • Driving - Worry about the safety of your teen on the road, and the risk of accidents, which can have severe consequences.
  • Mental Health - Worrying about your teen's mental health issues. Depression, Anxiety, Self-Harming behaviour and how to provide appropriate support. 
Here's some simple strategies to Cope with Parenting Anxiety and Worries:
Communication is the key. It is essential to create a safe space for teenagers to discuss their concerns with their parents. Parents need to be open and honest about their feelings and concerns.
✓ Education:
Parents need to educate themselves about the challenges that teenagers face. This can help parents understand their child's behavior and offer appropriate support.
✓ Setting Boundaries:
Setting boundaries can help parents provide structure and guidance while also allowing teenagers to explore and grow.
✓ Self-Care:
It is crucial for parents to practice self-care as they navigate the challenges of parenting teenagers.

Parenting teenagers can be challenging and anxiety and worries are common for many parents. 

But you don't have to do this alone...
With appropriate support and guidance, you can help your teenagers navigate the challenges of adolescence and emerge as confident successful young adults. 
I am here to provide assistance in managing anxiety and worries. My aim is to equip you with the necessary tools to establish open communication with your teenager, creating a safe space for them to approach you. With my coaching you can build the close relationship you have always desired.  

"Working with Kanchana is like talking to a supportive, intelligent and wise friend.
Enabling you to accelerate your life with minimal interruption, simply by helping identify road blocks and giving you strategies to deal with them."
-Joanna L   

Relationship Coach, Auckland | Kanchana Hoy
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