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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many changes – physical, emotional and psychological. Massage helps reduce stress, alleviates some of the discomforts of pregnancy and promotes general well-being. It helps prepare you and the baby for birth and the postnatal period. Benefits of massage during this time include improved circulation and blood pressure and reduction in muscle tension, back pain, leg cramps, headaches and sore swollen ankles and feet. Massage also helps relieve depression or anxiety caused by normal hormonal changes, and soothes and eases nervous tension, enabling better sleep.

Note: It is advisable to consult your doctor or midwife first and, unless you are currently having regular massage sessions, it is better to commence after the 14th week of pregnancy.


The suction and negative pressure provided by cupping helps loosen muscles, encourages blood flow, aids deep myofascial release and promotes cell repair. This is often combined with deep tissue massage.

Back Neck & Shoulder & Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to address specific complaints of muscle dysfunction. A combination of firm pressure, hot stones (when appropriate), myofascial and trigger point release, movement and relaxation techniques provides very effective relief of
muscular pain and stiffness especially in the back, neck and shoulders.


 Relaxation Massage

The primary focus of a relaxation massage is to stimulate the ‘rest and digest’ action of the nervous system and encourage deep relaxation. Long, flowing strokes are used and the pressure is usually light however this can deepened according to individual needs. Combined with hot stones, warm towels and a peaceful harmonious environment, this treatment is helpful for depression, sleep deprivation, anxiety issues, prolonged stress or for maintaining general health. A relaxation massage will rejuvenate the body and mind!


“For the best massage ever, Debra is the lady to see. I highly recommend her. I had my first massage when I was pregnant and she was amazing. Then it was back to relieve the back and shoulder pain from feeding. And now I see her for some much needed pampering and sore muscle relief. Just wish I could go more often.”

Bettina Burley, Brooklyn


“I was a client of Debra’s throughout my pregnancy. It was obvious she was very passionate about her work and well-trained. I enjoyed the breadth of her experience and always felt the benefit of each massage for some time afterward. I found Debra to have a genuinely caring manner combined with the utmost professionalism. I also found real benefit in seeing her for post-natal visits.”

Beth Thomas, Kilbirnie


“I have high expectations from any massage treatment I receive as my father is a trained neuromuscular therapist. After spending a few years in Wellington trying to find a reputable sports massage therapist I booked in with Debra. I enjoy my running but coupled with a sedentary profession I developed back, hip and leg issues. Debra’s excellent assessment skills and effective, thorough practice skills and ability to maintain deep pressure, has meant that I am now on the way to recovery with less pain and increased mobility. It has been a couple of years now and Debra’s business card is handed to all my friends and work colleagues. I recommend her to anyone.”

Gero Kleyngeld, Thorndon


“The only sad thing about having my baby was the end of my pregnancy massages. Debras warm demeanour made me feel instantly relaxed before the massage even started. As well as the muscles being worked Debra highlighted and focused on any especially tense areas. She has a special gift for feeling exactly where those areas are and often and often before I did. Throughout my pregnancy I never had any muscle aches and delivered a 9lb 14oz baby so was not travelling light! I owe a lot of this to Debra and I only wish I could get time to myself now to have more massages with her.”

Nicky Sivern, Eastbourne



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