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Vision: To offer people and animals safe natural options for well-being by returning the body to its natural rhythms and function using Aromatherapy, Accunect & BodyTalk & Flower Essences. 

Pain has a root system, and feeds on its environment, and even gets entangled with the roots around it. the root system can be shallow, deep, old or recent, simple or complex, small or great. They can be found and transformed!

Heal the roots &
you heal the
whole system
= wholeness

Mission: Improving Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-Being Simply & Naturally
You are a whole person - a physical, mental & emotional being, influenced by the environment & those around you.

You bring your story, I bring my experience and knowledge, together we set about to transform your life into a better picture!


A good builder will use more than one tool to build a house, a gardener will use various things for the soil to get the best out of their plants, a fisherman will have a variety of hooks and tackle for too I have a variety of "tools" or modalities when working with different people.  With energy work, most of the time one modality will be able to address your issues, sometimes it is more supportive to use other modalities in conjunction with or instead of for a time.  The modalities I use are mostly safe for work I do with unborn, new born babies, children, teens, adults and seniors as well as the family pet.  Some essential oils have contraindications for pregnancy, babies and certain health conditions, so that will be taken into consideration if that modality is priority.

Accunect:  Powerful results Quickly!  Helps us identify how and where to work with the natural ability of the body to heal by balancing the energy fields of the body to restore blood flow, which restores health.  Helps us to let go of your pain and anything that is holding you back.

BodyTalk:  Addresses the whole person & their whole history using the entire context of their life to improve health.  

                                                Read more on how these 2 modalities work

ZYTO Biofeedback:  Bio-energetic testing that evaluates stressors of the body and identifies nutrition and lifestyle support to facilitate the natural healing process of the body.   These mainly compromise the energy, circulation and metabolic processes, as well as emotional imbalance.

AromaTouch Technique:  This technique improves well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors and by supporting healthy autonomic function using 8 Essential Oils and Blends in a specific order. The technique is simple and intuitive and uses dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils for an unparalleled relaxing, healing and grounding experience. Oils applied to back, head and feet only.

Aromatherapy:  The practice of Aromatherapy uses natural oils that have been extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of various therapeutic plants.  These oils have potential to enhance physical, mental and emotional well-being.

When inhaled, the aroma, or scent of the oil, or blend of oils is has potential to stimulate brain function, alter mood and feelings, influence hormonal responses and stimulate the brain areas associated with memory and learning.  

When applied in a massage or to pulse points of the body the essential oils are absorbed through the skin, traveling through the bloodstream, promoting whole-body healing.

From inhalation, it takes approximately four seconds for an essential oil to reach the brain through the sense of smell and when applied to the skin, just four minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream. Essential oils have a similarity with the skin’s natural oils and this allows rapid absorption. The oils enter and leave the body very efficiently leaving no toxic residue behind.


  • stimulate brain function,
  • alter mood and feelings and are excellent for depression and other mental/emotional challenges,
  • influence hormonal responses,
  • stimulate the brain areas associated with memory and learning,
  • have a very positive effect on blood circulation,
  • play an important part in bringing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues,
  • stimulating the lymphatic system to dispose of waste products.
  • help stimulate and strengthen the immune system.

As an Aromatherapist I highly regard safe use and practice of essential oils.   This is the reason I undertook doing a diploma in the first place, so I could use them safely and confidently for myself and my family.  Even though there are other fields of thought, I find that I cannot ignore the responsibility of providing correct recommendations, safety and education at all times. See here for my safety guidelines.

Essential oils are used for a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.

Essential, Fragrant OR Perfume Oils?

I use doTerra Essential oils, as these have exceptional quality, and are mostly organic – exceptional quality,

pure manufactured extracts have excellent therapeutic value.  See safety precautions

Perfume oils are NOT pure, and are more often than not synthetic, and have no therapeutic value.

In conjunction with the Aromatherapy Oils I am introducing ZYTO Biofeedback to help us determine more accurately the oils and products that will support your health.  This reading is optional, as is purchasing the products after you have your results.  see cost of consultation

First Light Flower Essences:  Work by restoring the whole person, mentally, physically and emotionally.  They realign the body systems for wholistic well-being, harmony and balance.  They are natural preparations made from native flowers, ferns, trees and plants.  Would you like to have better management of your emotions and thoughts?  Would you like to understand yourself better, your personality strengths and weaknesses AND turn your weaknesses into strengths?  The First Light Flower Essences can easily and effortlessly assist you in this.

Also available are a range of blends from First Light Natural Health - Mother & Baby Kit, Happy Kidz Kit, Healthy Teenz Kit, Therapist & Caregiver Kit, Recovery Kit, Well-Being Kit, Crisis Support, De-Tox Support, De-Stress Support, Sleep Support, Travel Support & Weight Loss Support.  More info

Tissue Salts:  Balance cell mal-nutrition and cell metabolism, therefore addressing some of the causes of most dis-ease. They are absorbed directly through the blood vessel walls in the mouth and into the blood stream therefore start working immediately.  They differ immensely from minerals that are swallowed (taken through the digestive system) as they are not changed or eliminated with the gastric juices or interfered with in the intestines. 

Messages from Your Body

Your physical body has a wisdom all its own...AND it operates in spite of our mind wisdom.  If we listened more to our body wisdom we would be healthier and happier.
It works for you in every way, letting you know if something is going wrong, with your life or thinking in the form of symptoms, illness or disease.  
Even the slightest hiccup with the function of one or more of our organs, endocrines or body parts can throw off the delicate balance of harmony in the body, especially the hormones in your body and lead to an endocrine disorder, or endocrine disease.

Two categories endocrine disorders are generally grouped into:

1. The results of a gland that produces too much or too little of an endocrine hormone, called a hormone imbalance.

2. As a result of the development of lesions (such as tumors or nodules) in the endocrine system, that can affect hormone levels.

The endocrine's feedback system helps control the balance of chemicals and hormones in the bloodstream. If your body has too much or too little of a certain hormone or chemical, the feedback system activates the proper gland or glands to correct the problem. Imbalance may occur with hormones or chemicals  if this feedback system is not able to keep the optimum level of chemicals and hormones in the bloodstream, or if your body is not working efficiently to flush them out of the bloodstream.

Pain or no pain, healthy or poor health, we can find things percolating under the surface of your feelings and thoughts, chemicals & hormones that are affecting your life and health in some way.

"In modern medicine, the thinking is, your doctor knows best about what you need—and here, this pill will fix your problem.  In Energy medicine, we know, YOU know best about what you need—and here, this balancing formula & tapping might remind your body how to change your situation.

You are the one actually doing the healing. I facilitate with the understandings and knowledge from the modalities I use, bringing to consciousness what the your body-mind is saying is priority. We cannot change someone's destiny. We can help the body-mind be more comfortable in moving towards this destiny. For some people, this means a shift that we call a healing; for some it might bring some awareness and insight, but little or no change at the physical level. For others it can be both.
Body Psychology forms a great part of my work - I have learned the body is rarely wrong.. and the modalities I use give me easy access to the core issues behind the symptoms, illness, trauma or disease to address your issues at the roots.
My work is painless - NO manipulations, NO needles.  Only light hand contact if required.

If your question is not below, Please ask it by clicking the button below

I have tried so many things now - are you going to be able to help me?  How soon will I feel better?
Often this is an awesome place to be, albeit frustrating for you.  So many times people seek many options that appear not to have worked, but underneath your body has been lining up all the ingredients until you reach the place where the final touches can be applied.  Sometimes just one session will make the difference, others it may take 2-5 to really get to the core.  Just know and trust that changes are taking place on a deep level and sometimes take a little time to manifest into something tangible.

I do not have any pain, but feel stuck and unhappy with my life - can you help?
I am passionate about assisting people, whatever their need, to live a more harmonious and fulfilling life.  
I am in so much pain I do not want anyone touching me.
That is fine.  We do not need to have any physical contact.  If you can tolerate sometimes light contact (gentle touch) is required for focus, but is not vital, as we can use our mental or visual focus.

I know this could mean change in me and my life, I am afraid that I will lose things & people that are important to me?
Your body craves self preservation - that is it's priority.  So anything we do will be ultimately for your highest good.  Change can be scary, however we have to ask ourselves what our option is- stay the way I am now and continue to suffer, be restricted or unfulfilled, or explore my potential and the good that can come from that!

How does this work?
This works on the energies or frequencies of the body. Thought is energy or frequency.  When we change our thoughts our physical matter changes (our physical biology).  Matter follows energy!  We have energetic systems within the body and they play a large role in our physical well-being.  We use light tapping on or off the body to facilitate the suggested changes - this helps to implement the change of frequency.  Our mind controls our energy and our energy controls the body.  We know that matter follows energy, be it the energy of our beliefs, thoughts, intentions, words, or actions. Wherever we allow our thought and energy to focus, or to what we dwell on,  that is what we see reflected in our experience, or our perception of it. So we strengthen whatever we focus on and give our energy to.  This works by changing our thinking, our mind, our perceptions to something that is more harmonious, that rings more true for us than how we think or perceive now.

Do you see children or babies? 

Yes.  I have 3 offspring of my own - all grown-up now, so I understand some of the rigors of being a parent, of childhood or teenage concerns, of the pain and upset it can bring.  I also have a little understanding of what it is to have an extremely sick baby, with no answers forthcoming for sometime, and the fears of the potential of loss, then having to give injections, to have regular 4 hr trips to hospital for different tests & check-ups.
Is this like acupuncture?

Can you fix me?

No, we will make a difference though!  Only YOU can fix you.  I do my best to facilitate you being able to heal you.  To give our power away to another is destructive to our health and healing.  My passion and role is to empower you, to show you and help you see YOU have the ability to heal...we all do.  We have just forgotten or been socially indoctrinated that someone else has this power.  I help you and your body to remember!

If you do not hurt, then you are not doing your job! or No pain No gain.

This statement alarms me.  As humans we have 2 modes of being.  Flight/fright (stress or protection) or growth and healing (rest & relaxation).  We CANNOT ever be in both at the same time.  So when we are stressed, we do not heal, or grow, healing & growth is severely restricted.  When we are in pain or being hurt, or someone/something is the root of our pain, we are in fright/flight mode - our cells have gone into protection.  Healing stops.  When I used to massage and for any healing, the key is to put the body into healing mode - rest and relaxation.  Sometimes a little discomfort is felt with some therapies to assist the body to restore healing, however from my experience and observation the body responds and maintains healing by reducing pain, not increasing it, even for a short period of time.  Cells hold memory & memory of pain stops healing.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being needing hospitalisation, with any therapy to go beyond a 7 is not conducive to healing.  So you will not find me intentionally, deliberately causing pain, rather it is my intention for you to feel relaxation, to feel lighter and calmer.




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