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The Secret to Your Health and Wellbeing is Already Within You
BodyTalk works with the miracle of the healing power of your body rather than just covering up symptoms.  This means that health changes will be long term and usually your health continues to improve over time.  BodyTalk practitioners do not diagnose, treat or "fix" problems, rather we partner with your BodyMind to synchronise your systems and energy.  Each session is unique and they build on each other over time.

During a session, you relax on a massage table (fully clothed) while Linda "asks" your BodyMind what it needs to address as a priority or what parts are out of balance.

Tapping over the head alerts and switches on your brain to what needs attention and tapping over the heart stores the changes that have been made.   Your BodyMind uses this new information to initiate its own healing processes.   Some people experience almost instant shifts while others have more subtle changes, depending on the issues and the person.  Since BodyTalk is an energy modality, processing is often at a non-physical level and based on the principles of quantum physics.

Linda often uses Mindscape during the session.  She connects to your holographic blueprint to obtain information contained within your energy field.  This offers deeper insights and clarity about details revealed in your session.

A BodyTalk Session - tailored to you

BodyTalk regularly has amazing results with:

*  Emotional trauma effects, fears, phobias, depression

*  Making changes for a better quality of life

*  Digestive issues and allergies

*  Organ and endocrine disorders

*  Chronic fatigue, fibromalgia, arthritis

*  Anxiety, stress and shock

*  Physical trauma - car accidents and head injuries

*  Headaches and migraines

*  Neck, back and joint pain

*  Bacterial, viral and parasitic infections

*  Enhanced memory and learning ability

And much more.

BodyTalk encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your BodyMind.   Experience whole being integration using BodyTalk techniques and other modalities with Linda Shaw. 

What people say about a session with Linda Shaw:

"I appreciate your professional, no-nonsense but caring and compassionate approach.  BodyTalk is a great modality and you do it well."  Grace

"I am now paying more attention to my body and slowing down in my work and life.  I feel more focused.  Great stuff, thoroughly enjoyed it."  KN

"Since the sessions I have felt more connected with my partner.  I feel really clear about what sort of relationship I want and what I am prepared to put in."  Ian

"I feel and hopefully 'look' lively / vibrant / dynamic.  Could it be that I am running on adrenalin or is it the lease of life that the session unleashed?  I feel great!"  Michelle

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