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» Sport Psychology

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» Family & Child Counselling

Nerida Lister of 'Dancing with the Stars' pictured with Psychologist Sara Chatwin, discussing motherhood and family life.The Team at MindWorks Psychological Services, offer strategies and therapeutic interventions to individuals and family members.

Issues can arise at any stage during the life span and often an objective opinion can provide a basis for greater understanding and clarity.
People often seek advice and guidance from family members and friends in times of crisis.  These perspectives can be biased. Talking to an impartial health professional creates a neutral starting point and allows you to view problems from a fresh and different angle.
Sometimes merely offloading to a professional who is there to listen and offer helpful hints, allows people to go back to their lives and to the stuff that actually matters.
Below are some issues that people have come to the Mindworks Team to talk about.


   •    Coping strategies
    •    Birthing options
    •    Exercise during pregnancy
    •    Fatigue Management
    •    Exploring the concept of family
    •    Establishing support networks


    •    Choosing a preschool
    •    Finding friends
    •    Separation anxiety
    •    Transition from home to preschool
    •    Toilet training


    •    Detecting educational strengths and weaknesses
    •    Bullying
    •    Friendships


    •    Dealing with conflict
    •    Parent and adolescent relationships
    •    Sexuality
    •    Anger management


    •    Stress and anxiety management
    •    Alcohol, drug and substance dependencies
    •    Marriage and relationship issues
    •    Old Age
    •    Loneliness
    •    Residential care options
    •    Grief counselling
    •    Rehabilitation and hospitalisation
    •    Mobility issues

» Media Mentoring & Image Consultancy

Sara has been a Registered Psychologist for 14 years and has worked extensively in private and public sectors. She is asked regularly to provide expert opinion for:

    •    TVNZ Close Up - 24th April 2008
    •    Radio
    •    Print Media - Media article download 

Sara gives "expert commentary" to media on a number of issues ranging from "Elder abuse to workplace stress".
In the past, Sara has provided social commentary on high profile child abuse cases, teen suicide statistics, fitness regimes during pregnancy, marriage/divorce statistics and many other issues that are at the core of our daily lives.
As a result of Sara's growing profile she has become a sought after presenter of seminar series, motivational speeches and work shops around the country. A successful "Parenting Seminar Series" was followed up by involvement in;
"The Campaign for Real Beauty 2006-2007" www.campaignforrealbeauty.co.nz and more recently the fun analysis of what we eat www.myvogels.co.nz to name a few!
Therefore Sara is available for:

• Seminars
• Workshops
• Presentations/speeches 
In addition to this practical application of the MindWorks Mantra, Sara has formed a group of professionals who focus on individual, group/corporate and sport "makeovers". These sessions allow people to examine their visual and oral presentation and to make modifications to enhance confidence and self esteem. This process is called "MindCoaching".
Elite sports people, presenters and politicians have been the recipients of "MindCoaching!"

» Business

In business things are either going well or going down hill. Standing still doesn’t really exist in business, it merely translates into a loss in forward momentum and growth and often leads to:

    •    Increased absenteeism
    •    Decreased profitability
    •    Decreased staff motivation
    •    Increased workplace disruption
    •    Dissatisfaction in workplace relationships
    •    Increases in stress related illness…………….and the list goes on

Identify the issue and provide relevant solutions! Our Team will help YOUR TEAM sort things out. There will be no focus on irrelevant ‘warm fuzzies’ and ego-stroking, but measures will be taken to:

    •    strengthen the foundations of your business
    •    re-direct workplace negativity into positive pathways
    •    focus on fundamental values that encourage loyalty, honesty and hard work


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