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 NZ Wellness E-Newsletter - December 2011


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Spotlight Therapy For December
- Pilates -

Did you know?

Pilates, New Zealand> Pilates is formerly known as ‘Contrology’ and was renamed ‘The Pilates Method’ after its founder, Joseph H. Pilates, passed away in 1967.

> Pilates adheres to eight major principles, which are; centering, alignment, coordination, concentration, relaxation, breathing, stamina and flowing movements.      

> The objective of Pilates is to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health.

> Individuals who regularly include Pilates as part of their routine have stated that they are less prone to injury and their posture has improved.                 


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Natural Health Article & Video Library

» Featured Health Articles «
 By Local Expert Practitioners

Myofascial Pain ... Myo-What?

What is myofascial pain? In fact, what does myofascial mean? It's a very good question, as we are seeing it more and more in the clinic. Partly I think, due to the increase of stress in our lives.
>By Balance Massage, Ponsonby, Auckland.


Electropollution Hormones and Cancer
Our inescapable exposure to Electropollution has many profound effects on our health. Power lines, transmitters, electrical wiring and appliances create both electric and magnetic fields-invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device.

>By X-factor Organic Health Spa, Ellerslie, Auckland.


Fertility Issues?
Naturopathy can identify imbalances in both men and women, so that the chances of conception are increased. This will assist a healthy pregnancy and the ultimate outcome .. A healthy baby.
By DonnaZart Health Clinic, Saint Andrews, Hamilton.


Fluoridating Our Drinking Water, Mass Medicating, Is A Human Right’s Issue

On the Periodic Table, fluoride is designated a halogen – that is, it behaves like a free radical, quickly moving in and taking the place of an element that should rightfully be there. Like antibiotics it is non-specific and broad spectrum in its actions.

>By asWellas Wellness Centre, Hamilton East.


Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathy recognises the importance of working with the mind and body when people are unwell. The energetic nature of homeopathy is explained through quantum physics.
>By Concordia Health, Havelock North, Hastings.


Simple, Lasting, Natural Relief For Back Pain

Could you imagine your back being pain-free? Being able to do all the summer activities and sports that you are passionate about? Waking up each day, happy to get up and into life? One of the reasons that most practitioners take up their professions is through their own experiences of that therapy.
>By Bowen North Shore, Mairangi Bay, North Shore City.


Therapeutic Massage Should Be A Part of Your Busy Lifestyle
Research has shown that regular therapeutic massage helps your mind to perform better, both at work and in your personal life; your concentration improves and you can be more productive and efficient, able to achieve more with the hours in your day.
>By BodyinSync Therapeutic Massage, Milford, North Shore City.


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» Featured Health Article-Videos «
By Local Expert Practitioners

>Reduce Your Back Pain With Bowen Therapy 
By Sally Barrett Bowen Therapy

>What Everybody Ought to Know About Becoming Good at Public Speaking
By Diane Radford, Voice & Performance

>One-Minute Stress Relief Technique Using BodyTalk 
By Janice Harris, BodyTalk for Health

>Simple Techniques For Improving Your Sitting Posture 
By Sue Field, Body Balance

>Life In The Rear View Mirror
By Tracy Keith, TMK Coaching

>Using Aromatherapy To Combat The Winter Blues 
By Bronwyn Jackson, Aroma Spa

>Why Are You In Pain?
By Craig Love, Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching

>Making 'Scents' of Different Essential Oils
By Sheena Hendon, Elementa

>Help Is Here For Your Unsettled Baby
By Angela Wheeler, Inner Health


Featured Events During December


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th December, 10.00am - 5.00pm                          

Body-Mind Centering©  
           Body Mind Centering Workshops, Soul Centre, Auckland
Somatic movement education incorporating embodied anatomy and developmental movement through the systems of the body (e.g. bones, organs, ligaments, fluids, endocrine, nervous system, senses and perception, reflexes). This class holographically explores the human body through movement and hands on study to understand self and increase physical potential.
Body-Mind Centering® explores the body through movement re-education and
hands on re-patterning to understand self and increase physical and psychophysical potential. An
experiential study based on the embodiment and application of anatomical, physiological,
psychophysical and developmental principles, utilizing movement, touch, voice and mind. BMC® has
an unlimited number of areas of applications with the creative, athletic and therapeutic fields, including yoga, pilates, therapists, movement therapy and anyone who wants a better understanding of who they are and how they move.

Normal Price: 
The Wellness Directory Subscribers Special:  $300 (Save $50)

OR Saturday Only: 



To Register & Guarantee Your Place:

Send an email and RSVP to info@soulcentre.co.nz or call 09 8173051

Our Websites:

Live Music Meditation Concert With Jeffree Clarkson

Date:  Sunday 11th December
Jeffree Clarkson, Meditation Music, Auckland
Time:  2.00pm onwards
Venue:  Cheal Cottage, (South Pacific College), 8 Arthur Street, Ellerslie, Auckland.

A Sunday afternoon full of inspiring and relaxing meditation music

I will be performing a live music meditation concert featuring live performances of my music including tracks from the new album soon to be released.  I will be also be interviewing a special guest during the afternoon (yet to be finalised). You will be able to meditate during the music performances and the finale of the day is a collective meditation on a common cause. At the last “Meditate-In” at Eden Valley Lodge in Albany the group meditated on Somalia – sending healing energy and positive support to that country and its people. Come along and expect to be relaxed, rejuvenated and uplifted by this unique music! 

OR - Would you like to learn how to meditate and take some time out for yourself?

The first half of the day, from 10 am to 1:30 pm, will be a “Making Time for You” meditation class for those who would like to learn to meditate. This is a great opportunity if you haven’t managed to make the previous evening classes.

Due to the time of the year, entry to both the live music meditation concert and meditation class is by donation.

- RSVP Today to avoid missing out or by Wednesday 6th December at the very latest -

Email: jeffree@jeffclarkson.com
OR Phone: (09) 5287231 / 027 446 8714

Please indicate if you will be attending the morning Meditation Class @ 10am, or the Live Music Meditation concert @ 2pm, OR both.


An Evening with Glen Levy

Star of Auckland Daze and the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet
An Evening with Glen Levy, Auckland
When:  Wednesday 14th December,
Time:  Registration starts at 6:30pm for 7:00pm - 9:30pm

Where:  Auckland, The Conference Centre, 585 Great South Road, Penrose -
Just off the motorway and Free Parking

Normal Cost: $49.95
The Wellness Directory Subscribers Special: $29.95  (Discount Code: wellness)

You may have seen Auckland Daze www.tvnz.co.nz one of the highest rating shows in New Zealand, where Glen Levy plays his alter ego. You will recognise Glen from Spartacus, Poseidon, Lord of the Rings, Underworld, One Man Army and numerous other movies.

To learn more about Glen Levy: Click Here

So what can you learn from an evening with the entertaining, physical and profound Glen Levy:

> Learn about the electro magnetics of your body, how to self heal, improve strength and get in shape for 2012 (without the gym)
> Find out some quick and easy ways to protect yourself and get out of trouble if you are ever attacked
> Learn how to manifest dreams (Glen received his Screen Actors Guild accreditation in record time and took 30 mins to manifest the love of his life)
> Learn how pain is an illusion – not only physical pain, but emotional pain and that caused by stress
> Learn about your body and how to get it moving and healthy in just 5 minutes a day

Now Glen is a funny guy, so expect some belly laughs, to be really entertained and be blown away by his stories and his expertise.

What you will leave an evening with Glen Levy with:
> A new understanding of your body and how to keep fit
> Some simple tools to increase your confidence and awareness
> Some Neuro-Physical Hacking to obtain your goals easier
> A new outlook on stress and physical problems
> A simple tool to manifest what you desire

BONUS: Every registration for An Evening with Glen Levy will receive his dynamic book ‘Standing in Stillness’ worth $35.

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