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Q I travel regularly for work and have developed lower back pain in then sacro region. Physio and acupuncture give light relief but are ineffective in curing the issue, mainly due to relapse caused by ongoing travel. I have heard of the Bowen technique. Is this something that can assist with sacroiliac joint issues?

A Back ache can be tenacious, specially if you spend a lot of time in a car travelling. If you have had many treatments and only had slight improvement with your back issue, have you ever thought in having an MRI performed to see what exactly is going on with your back? Nevertheless,yes Bowen Therapy not only assists you in balancing your body but can also assist in sacroiliac joint issues.
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Answered by: Holistic Health Therapies Ltd - Hamilton; Answered on: 05-07-2012;      ✘ Report abuse
A Bowen technique will definitely help however you may need a long term self care solution. TBT© Tennis Ball Technique as a simple and effective way to self-massage and is particularly useful for long distance drivers and pilots. Lower back problems of this type are often due to hamstrings being too tight because normal seated posture does not provide the same level of stretch as sitting on the ground.

TBT for the Hamstrings can be done any time you are seated.
Lift up the leg that is least tight (usually the left) and place a tennis ball underneath it, mid way down the thigh. Allow the leg to relax for about 20 seconds.

Place the ball slightly lateral (to the out side of the leg) and repeat the exercise. Then do the exercise medially (to the in
side of the leg). regards Chris Toal © All rights WAW Ltd 2007
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A Hi there, Bowen therapy can definitely help with your problem. I practice Bowtech, the original Bowen technique, from Newmarket and Bucklands Beach. If one of those locations is convenient, just contact me from my website for further details. For other locations, you will find a practitioner near you on kindest regards Inga von Benzon
Answered by: Holistic Health Naturopathic Clinic; Answered on: 04-07-2012;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hello
Bowtech can help with sacroiliac pain . We have many moves which can help around that region and for the legs . As you are travelling and sitting alot , it is recommended that you do some exercises while travelling.
I have been trained in Bowen technique which is a dynamic muscle and connective tissue therapy that was developed by the late Tom Bowen, Australia. "It is sometimes called the homeopathy of bodywork. It utilises small but measured inputs to the body stimulating the body to heal itself." I use the orginal Bowen technique which was developed by Tom Bowen and I have been trained by his Australian teachers and New Zealand instructors in this profound technique.
For simple acute problems two sessions is often all that is needed to right the body. However for a problem that is repetitive, you may need a few more sessions. The treatment lasts about one hour and is not like massage as only small moves are made that often relax the body completely.Your body may of developed patterns of dysfunctional muscle recuitment and posture and Bowtech address the entire body , restoring balance via the autonomic nervous system. "Healing can occur after the body shifts from sympathic to parasympathic dominance ( rest, relax and repair.).
The cost of a session is $50. No eftpos.
regards Ann Brabant
Answered by: Classical Homeopath & Bowtech Therapist; Answered on: 04-07-2012;      ✘ Report abuse
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