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Q I'm at wits end with weight and being high strung, I'm not sure where to go from here I was diagnosed with post partum thyroiditis 18mnths ago my bloods have been normal for a year now but I can mot loose weight despite 6x a week vigorous boot camp a whole food low carb diet and I'm stressed for no reason and lack of motivation. I feel it's got something to do with my hormones out of balance. Who do I go see my gp?

A Hi there. I'm not sure if you've decided on a pathway yet, but it seems clear to me that you would benefit from an in-depth overview of your whole health picture. The information gained in a comprehensive naturopathic consultation allows for a detailed and personalised approach that will be far more appropriate for you than attempting to address the key problems you've outlined here - the human body is so complex.
Where are you located? You can find a registered naturopath by going to www.naturopath.org.nz
All the best.
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A Just remember also that your bloods falling within the normal range doesn't mean that your thyroid is necessarily functioning well. Most research now shows that if your TSH is above 2.5 then you will be feeling symptoms of hypothyroidism like weight gain and fatigue. So go back and check your past blood tests. Also check that your thyroid antibodies have been tested (TG and TPO Abs) as these can be the sole reason for thyroid symptoms. You need to find a therapist who understands this and can support your recovery through nutritional support of your thyroid but also can treat the cause (toxins, chronic infections, stress, diet, other hormones). Most naturopaths are wonderful at this, and as chiropractic kinesiologists at The Healing Room we address the nutrition, and also your structure and emotional stress factors combined. Depends where you live, I can recommend someone in your area. All the best, and keep searching for the answer because there is always one! Jolanta
Answered by: The Healing Room Tauranga; Answered on: 01-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Weight control is a life long issue for many people. Thyroid issue does not help. I can understand and empathize with your frustration. May I recommend that you get a Bowen therapy treatment to assist you with relaxation, body balancing and regularization of metabolism. You may need more than one treatment. Bowen therapy empowers you to recover your well-being Drinking a reasonable amount of water can assist with reducing weight.What is your blood group? are you eating the right food? How much stress is there in your life? Have you always been thin and suddenly put on weight or have you had a weight control issue all your life? So many factors can prevent you from reducing your weight. So have a consultation and treatment with a Bowen therapist for body balancing, relaxation, regularisation of metabolism and perhaps see a Nutritionist to guide you with what is right for you to eat. All the best. Jocelyne
Answered by: Holistic Health Therapies Ltd - Hamilton; Answered on: 01-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
A Hi there, the key is to get stress levels down. you are already implementing a lot of good things, but you also have to bear in mind that a vigorous exercise regime is bringing the body into another stress situation (with the hormonal responses). Any stressor that makes the body react in that way will prevent you from reducing weight. I suggest you go for walks, and start relaxation exercises. Your thyroid seems to be out of balance which makes sense, as weight loss is basically impossible without addressing the thyroid function. My services include Bowen therapy and Naturopathy. I suggest you look at getting Bowen therapy done, as this may assist with stress reduction and hormonal re-balancing. for a Bowen therapist in your area, I suggest you go to www.nzbowentherapy.org.nz all the very best to you! warm regards Inga
Answered by: Holistic Health Naturopathic Clinic; Answered on: 01-06-2017;      ✘ Report abuse
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