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Submitted on: 21-09-2012; Answers: 1; Tagged under: Homeopathy Back Pain       ✘ Report abuse
Q I was diagnosed and treated for AML in 2009. After seven months of rigorous chemotherapy, it is all over for me and am healthy and fine once more. thanks to the LORD. I have switched over to Homeopathy and only go for regular blood checks. I also do yoga once a week. Please can you tell me about a sore back on some day. I try not remembering it at all and get on with my day. Thank you

A Hello
I do not know what AML stands for so It makes my suggestion difficult.
I am gald you are having homeopathy as I am a trained classical homeopath registered with the NZ Council of Homeopaths. I also do Bowtech which is wonderful gentle body work for lower back pain. However it would be advisable to discuss the back pain with your Dr first to make sure it is not related with your orginal complaint.
I would be happy to talk with you on ph 4191048
Ann Brabant ; RCHom, NZBTI
Answered by: Classical Homeopath & Bowtech Therapist; Answered on: 21-09-2012;      ✘ Report abuse
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