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Life not living up to your expectations? Doing good, but looking for great? Something out of whack? Is it time to make a change?

We will teach you how to take control of your thoughts, feelings and behavior to be more peaceful, focused and content, so that you are free to create the life you want to live.

Control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour to be more peaceful

Michael Fooks

Transformational Coach

Michael works to facilitate change and empowerment at both personal and organisational levels. After a 10 year career in the IT industry in sales and leadership roles Michael switched his focus to developing others full-time. Since 2004 he has been working with some of New Zealand’s largest organisations to empower their people with new skills, attitudes and capabilities.

At an individual level Michael works with his clients to design and create more fulfilling lives. With an academic background in Psychology at Auckland University, he has also been certified at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels of NLP, holds a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy is a certified instructor of Transforming Communications and is also certified in personality profiling tools such as DISC, TetraMap and the Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profile.

Michael uses these skills and his experience to quickly navigate to the core of client issues and teach his clients new ways of thinking which offer more powerful choices.
His approach is characterised by insight, humour and authenticity.

Carleen Pearce

Transformational Coach

Carleen’s passion is coaching, speaking and teaching in order to facilitate positive change in individuals and in organisations.
As well as one-on-one coaching, she works with organisations to deliver skills training in effective communication, and employee well-being.

Your confidential one-to-one coaching sessions with Carleen will be characterized by her genuine and compassionate approach, coupled with powerful techniques for wellness and change. Clients often describe their delight at how quickly and easily Carleen has guided them to new insights and brighter futures. Leaving them with tools they can continue to use long after sessions have ended.

Carleen is certified as both Practitioner and Master Practitioner of NLP, is a certified ICI Coach and mBraining coach, has a certificate in clinical hypnosis, is a certified Transforming Communications instructor, as well as being trained in several other methodologies.

Carleen has had a varied career including editor of a corporate newspaper and retail property administration and has had careers in both NZ and Canada. Her background in high pressure administration roles made Carleen something of an expert on complex systems and how they work. And that expertise is now one of her key strengths as a coach as she helps her clients strengthen the systems and communities they belong to.

Her years working in schools, on top of successfully managing our own blended family, has driven a particular interest in family systems and helping children and parents to become more resourceful.

Together, Carleen and Michael successfully navigate the challenges of a blended family and running multiple businesses and enjoy every minute of it along with their three children.



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