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Hello, my name is Karen and I am the founder of the Optimal Health and Vitality Centre, which is a multi-disciplinary natural health care centre. I offer a wide range of alternative and complementary therapies and can help you by giving simple solutions to complex and everyday health problems.

In my practice, I believe that health is one of our most valuable possessions and although I usually meet patients after they have lost their health my approach is simple:

My aim is to help you to feel excited about your treatment. I will guide you to help you feel engaged and enthusiastic about achieving the very best state of wellness and health possible.”

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Peace of mind, reassurance and confidence and the knowledge Karen provides with every consultation, When I first visited Karen, I had no energy, I felt sluggish, craved sugars and had aches and pains throughout the body. I also had poor immunity always getting infections. Now I have a lot more energy, vitality, and I am active in the gym. I feel great and look great. My skin too feels so healthy. Over the years I have recommended others to Karen and I will continue to do so in the future.
Sharon Walsh, Hastings

Before seeing Karen I was tired, stressed and generally not feeling well. I was unable to sleep and having pain. I now know how it feels to get a full night’s sleep. My body feel like it has a new life, now have energy again. The one thing that I get from each visit is the reassurance that my consultation and treatment was worthwhile and I do feel better. I have recommended several of my work colleagues to Karen.
Sharon McLaren, Napier

What I value the most when I have a consultation with Karen, is knowing I have a very knowledgeable, confident and competent practitioner, who listens to me and understands me, and treats me with respect. Yes I would recommend Karen to other people.

Kirsty Hussey, Napier


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