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New Zealand Registered Kinesiologist a Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner and Instructor in Touch for Health Kinesiology.

I began my training as a Kinesiologist over 30 years ago, and have worked as a Practitioner and Instructor for 28 years with people of all ages experiencing a wide range of issues from co-ordination, inability to focus,  concentration, communication, poor memory,  lack of motivation, poor self-esteem,  and behavioural challenges to having difficulty with the 3Rs.  Through Kinesiology and our movement-based programs we can determine where stress (be it physical, emotional or mental) is undermining the body’s ability to perform, compromising a person’s potential.  However, through the Kinesiology process we can restore balance to the client’s system turning ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ drawing out the person’s innate intelligence, encouraging creativity and self-expression.   

By restoring balance, improving flexibility, reducing stress and pain learning skills are accessed and talents and abilities are fully extended enhancing performance in education, sport, art and music.
And as our senses of vision, hearing and movement improve the ability to learn builds, boosting self- esteem and confidence, thereby encouraging an enthusiasm to achieve.

I believe it is important to encourage self-responsibility and to take charge of our own learning:
through being balanced, and using the Brain Gym movements to move with intention, learning is optimised empowering us to find success and enjoy a sense of wellbeing.
‘Switching on to learning’ releases our untapped potential!

Courses I teach promote education and wellness programs to increase our human potential and reduce stress, and to encourage joy and ease of learning

Brain Gym Movements – a one day course for Adults, Teachers, Parents, Care givers
Brain Gym in the Classroom/Staff Room – a 2 hour seminar
Brain Gym 101 - a 3-4 day workshop learning the EduK process
TFH Kinesiology Workshops 1-4 – each level is a 2 day course

Please email to make an enquiry or request for an appointment
Or ring 0212682821

Kinesiology Consultant
Instructor  TFHK
Chartered Natural Therapies Practitioner
NES Practitioner

Courses I teach include:

Touch for Health,
Brain Gym, Reset.

Sally Goldsworthy | Balance Kinesiology
Sally Goldsworthy
184 Isaac Road
Eyrewell Forest
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Phone: 0212682821
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