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Jane’s healing career initially began interestingly enough after working for a number of years in Corporate Management for a leading Health Insurance company! She was constantly dealing with people who still had health issues after trying everything within the orthodox field that they could, with many people not having even satisfactory results and often with the cause of the problem still existing after extensive treatments.

Jane took time searching and experiencing many different health and healing modalities before deciding on working with the exciting world and cutting edge of energy work and ‘information medicine’ for the past  20 years.  Her work is Internationally Qualified, including being personally trained by Dr Eric Pearl (U.S) -Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection and with Dr John Veltheim (U.S) – founder of The BodyTalk System and Mike Booth (U.K) – Aura Soma Colour Therapy. Currently the President of the New Zealand BodyTalk Association, Jane’s commitment is to ensure access and awareness of holistic healing and energy therapies that are available within New Zealand.


Are you feeling challenged or confused as you move through a life transition?
Do you want change in your life?

Jane can help.

People come to Jane when they want positive transformation in their life. Many clients notice real changes literally in one session.

Life can sometimes cause us to literally blow fuses, we can feel like our world is crashing in on us and our whole life seems to go out of balance.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or  struggling to resolve or deal with a crisis in your life, whether it be health, relationships, life direction, Jane has real success for her clients to be able to find solutions, have clear focus and the energy to move through the current life challenge they are dealing with.

Jane offers a FREE 20 minute consultation.

Find out how Jane can help. Book your free 20 minute consultation (Skype/phone/in person)  

For 20 years Jane has assisted to bring about positive transformational changes  to peoples lives with her work. Jane creates the ability for a change in different areas of her clients lives i.e. health, feeling stuck, relationship issues, in pain emotionally or physically, depressed, lacking energy , these are common place issues that Jane has real success with.

By ‘listening’ and interpreting the language of your BodyMind, Jane facilitates the energy change (much like rewiring and updating circuit boards and programming in a computer) with simple, fast and effective energy and tapping techniques.

“I have worked for over 20 years as a BodyMind Interpreter utilising some amazingly powerful therapies. It is a privilege to watch how many clients transform their lives and their health , through the result of my work.”  – Jane

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The booklet contains a number of business owners who share a similar passion as I do – helping people.

All the business owners are experts in their field and range from Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Practitioners, Coaches and Healers. Each expert brings a wealth of knowledge – they share only a taste of what is possible here in this booklet. In these pages, you’ll discover helpful ideas to revolutionise your health so you can look good and feel great. My highest advice to you is that you put these ideas into action in your own life.


Years of pain, depression – gone after 3 sessions – woman 20’s

“After several years of getting through life, just existing really, I was diagnosed with anemia. Having had this before I knew it wasn’t a quick fix. I asked Jane for a Bodytalk session. I had two more, all over a 6 week period. The result is that I have experienced great shifts within myself, like roadblocks moving and the sky’s the limit as far as I’m concerned.”  – Rachel

Tiredness, lethargy, lack of direction – no longer there – woman 20’s

“I have more energy and focus then I’ve had for years. I feel excited about the future. I’m making plans with no fear and my friends are telling me how amazing I look – who wouldn’t love that outcome?” – Chrissy

Nightmares & anxiety, not sleeping – 10 year old boy – after one session Mother thrilled !   

“Harry had been having problems sleeping for about 18 months. He was also having trouble coping with school. We had tried all sorts of things, nothing worked. Harry has only had 2 sessions with Jane, the difference is amazing. From the 1st session he has slept through the night with no problems (a small miracle in our eyes. Thank you Jane so much, this is a gift we can never repay. Thanks again.” – Karen Y

Confidence, self esteem, reduced stress – woman 50’s

“I’m now more confident and aware and the most comfortable ever with who I am and what I do. Jane has gentle encouragement and clarity and ability. I’m more relaxed, more observant, so much happier – life’s just great!” – Sue





» Diploma of Natural Healing Sciences
» NZ President for the BodyTalk Association
» Qualified BodyTalk Practitioner
» Qualified BodyTalk Access Instructor
» MindScape Practitioner
» Reconnective Healing Practitioner
» Advanced Level Aura Soma Colour Practitioner
» Reiki Pracitioner

Registered member of:
The New Zealand BodyTalk Association

The Body Mind Interpreter
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