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At Bowenz Therapy For Balance Mark utilizes the Original Bowen technique to help people with all types of issues. He specializes in Kinesiology for structural and emotional areas, educational & learning/behavioural difficulties, and utilizes exercises, Bach Flower essences, visualizations & publications that can assist the healing process.

Most of the conditions Mark treats are as a result of continued imbalance in the body – progressively leading to uneven wear and tear on our joint structures which affects our muscular structures and in turn our bodies internal functioning.
Many people have been affected by the seismic activity here in Christchurch – the quakes are just part of our lives, however for many, this has been the trigger to bring up other past injuries and issues/imbalances that have been stored away. Bowen Therapy addresses resetting the body back to its original blueprint and is very effective in assisting people to find some balance in their lives. Bowen Therapy is often described as the only truly holistic therapy in the world. It has a profound effect on the autonomic nervous system and is very effective in “turning down” the fight/flight response mode in the body.
Mark also utilizes his Kinesiology knowledge and Bach Flower Essences to assist many of his clients.He has an extensive background in activities such as cycling, snow skiing, and is a @nd Degree Black Belt in Choi Kwang Do - A biomechanically based Martial Art with kinesiology principles at its heart, Mark ran the only school in Christchurch for a number of years.


Before Sophia started seeing you she had suffered from chronic eczema, she had not slept through the night from a new born to the age of three and a half. She has a lot of allergies her milk intolerance is the worst one of many. Sophia is allergic to long grass, face paint, plasters; the list just goes on and on. Everyday Sophia would complain of having a sore tummy, her tummy was very bloated and Sophia would often complain of feeling sick. She has been on a sugar free dairy free diet for most of her life.Sophia was not a child that slept during the day very often at all or at night for that matter, her first appointment with Mark went incredibly well, she actually felt so comfortable and relaxed with Mark that she fell asleep almost straight away and she woke up very happy and bubbly, she was thrilled to see a big glass of water for her at the end of the treatment.  After Sophia’s first appointment with Mark she had a huge break out on her skin about a day after, almost like her body was detoxing.  She soon came right after that and the first change I had noticed was that Sophia started sleeping through the night and that bought a huge change in her behavior. The next thing we noticed was there was less and less complaints that Sophia had a sore tummy and the bloating went down. Sophia was seeing Mark weekly and after around four weekly visits we were able to cut down to fortnightly visits.
Sophia has been sleeping through the night ever since her appointments with Mark, her eczema has almost gone and only comes if she is feeling run down. Sophia is like a different child, I cannot believe the difference in her it blows me away to think what she used to be like to the child she is today. I will continue appointments with Mark as and when needed.  Mark has been a huge help and I can truly say he is an amazing man with adults and children. Sophia would write cards and letters to Mark as she thinks so highly of him.Thank you mark for making a difference in all of our lives we are very appreciative.

Kindest regards

Courtney Robinson-O’Brien

After a life time of hard physical work I went to Mark @ Bowenz desperate for any kind of relief as it had become so painful to move and walk.After only a few visits I can move more comfortably than I have in years. I can now walk up and down stairs rather than hobble into the lift.
Thank you Bowenz.

Jim McQueen, Ashburton

On Sunday, whilst playing rugby, I was shunted from behind, which sent a sharp pain to my lower back. I thought I could just run it off so continued to play on. After the game I noticed it still stinging but thought that maybe it would just settle down after a couple of days......well it didn't, and by Tuesday it was actually getting worse and I was starting to compensate it. I was even struggling to get comfortable lying down, and it was a struggle to walk after sitting down. I couldn't really stay in one place for too long.
Several friends recommended Mark from Bowenz, so I called him up and Mark quickly made a spot for me on the Wednesday morning. Mark had me run through some basic movements and quickly diagnosed the problem. Mark then started his treatment, which was non intrusive and after an hour, asked me to run through some basic movements again to see if there was a difference. I felt relaxed through the whole treatment and did notice a wee improvement, but nothing really startling, which Mark expected. Mark mentioned I'd likely notice a difference after 3 - 10 days and that the treatment takes that timeframe to really kick in.
Well......On the Thursday, whilst the pain was still there, it was starting to was starting to minimise, and the really interesting thing is I could sense something going on in my lower back around the Friday.
I refrained from exercise until Sunday, which was when I was starting to feel a lot better, I was freeing up, my pain was almost gone completely and my range of movement was increasing, so much so that I was able to go for a 45 minute paddle in my kayak.
I then had a good workout at the gym on Monday which included 20 minutes continuous on the Rowing machine after a 10 minute warm up on the stepper?.
It's now Monday afternoon and I'd rate my progress at a 9/10...
Thanks Mark for your Bowenz treatment .......I'll recommend you to my family and friends

Karl Waretini

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