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Emotional Wellbeing, Weight and Health, Leadership Mentoring


Linda specialises in helping people achieve emotional and personal wellness. There are a lot of people who on the outside appear happy and well-adjusted, and yet experience despair and a lack of fulfilment on the inside. They know there must be a better way!

Having poor emotional and mental health can have a serious impact on your physical health and the way you enjoy your life. Often you want to make a change and yet you don’t know how. Some days it’s as though someone else is in the driver’s seat! Resistance sets in and the body and mind exerts a power over you. So the very thing you don’t want in your life becomes more and more evident and has you in it’s grip.

What is known is that when you are able to successfully eliminate the stress and anxiety you’re experiencing you’ll have, for example, more energy, more restful sleep, better coping skills in emotional situations, more self-control, increased motivation, a more relaxed way of being, greater self-confidence, improved relationships, more flexibility in the ways you communicate, and more effectiveness within your work and family and so on. It’s about taking back control of your wellbeing!

Linda is a well-qualified specialist coach who has a caring and calm manner. When you embark upon one of her personal health coaching sessions or programmes you will be coached through the practical strategies, techniques and tools required to change the way you respond to what’s going on in your world.

It’s about taking back the controls, getting back in the driver’s seat of your life.

Using her many years of personal development experience and specialised coaching skills combined with her expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Progressive Thought Field Therapy (PTFT) and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Linda will teach you and show you the way to experience a healthier wellbeing!

If you answer 'Yes' to some or most of these questions then you will benefit from personalised coaching:

 Do you want to be happier and have more energy?

Do you want to experience less anxiety and live a better, more enjoyable life?

Are you feeling stressed and constantly overwhelmed?

Do you want to shift from your current negative thinking to something more useful and supportive?

Would you like to have a decent night's sleep?

Are you 'stuck' and can't get out of your current thinking and feeling?

Do you need help with an emotional situation?

Are you suffering from anxiety, or are you feeling emotionally overwhelmed most of the time? 


It's time to get off the emotional weight loss merry go round….

 Are you tired of dieting?

Do you want to finally shift those same kilos you’ve been losing and gaining over the years?

Are you needing to lose weight because related health issues are now starting to have an impact?

Is your self-esteem at a low point, you’ve lost confidence in yourself, and you need help?

Do you now there must be a better way to have lasting success?

Or are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired with carrying your extra weight?

Linda specialises in helping people achieve lasting weight loss without dieting.

 She uses strategies, techniques and tools to unlock your lifelong puzzle, keeps things simple and practical and returns you to your natural weight. It’s about ending your struggle with food forever….finally. We know diets don’t work and yet we’re often tempted to fall into the treadmill trap of dieting. It’s important to break the vicious cycle of dieting. To start losing weight successfully is more about learning how and why you eat than what and how much you eat.

With many years of experience in helping people find solutions and make positive life changes, Linda is a natural coach. She enjoys a thriving practice and is passionate about helping others succeed. Linda, with her warm and genuine personal style, loves teaching people how to overcome their weight challenges, how to eliminate their emotional issues and coaches them how to get what they want.


In one of her personal weight and health programmes you will learn, among other things, HOW to:

Stop food cravings eg sugar, chocolate, salty snack foods, wine 

Stop eating when you know you are feeling satisfied

Understand what is interfering with your weight loss

Quickly calm yourself in any situation, so you won’t be tempted to reach for food

Stop self-sabotaging any success you might experience

Banish emotional eating by reducing the intensity of emotions and anxiety

Feel good about yourself and obtain a positive body self-confidence

Overcome any resistance to exercise and increase motivation

Stop the frustration and disappointment of losing weight then putting it back on

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Leadership and Business mentoring covers a wide range of issues, situations and needs.

Growing a business, improving your individual effectiveness and developing a team approach…. how do you achieve these things? Learning how to harness the power and potential of the human mind, using the strengths of you and your people, allows a business owner to confidently connect to business, client and customer needs. Regardless of which areas are covered during personalised business coaching and training, the focus is always on shifting the mindset, creating awareness, increasing emotional resilience, developing a more productive way of relating, and implementing the necessary action to achieve the desired outcomes using some of the most advanced techniques and strategies available.

The benefits and outcomes achieved from specialised leadership coaching and mentoring could include:

increased impact and effectiveness

greater production and profits

more competent sales people

confident happy staff

better flow of systems and processes

improved communication and relationships

outstanding presentation skills

satisfied clients and customers

increased amount of repeat and referral business

staff feeling valued

what can you do right now…

Start experiencing how a specialist mind and performance coach can assist you and your business…

call or email Linda now for a free discovery session on how she can help you achieve success

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Are YOU tired of feeling stressed out?
Do YOU sometimes find yourself worrying over the smallest of things?
Are YOU sick of the tense tight feeling in your chest as you try to
keep everything under control?

Learning how to stress less and enjoy more has never been easier!
This online self-paced study course is now available and contains
everything you need.

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5 Week Online Programme


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