Success of the Authentic You

I am the creator and presenter of the series “Success of the Authentic You.”

I show people from all walks of life, how to “Move That Mood.”

Whatever your personal version of stress is- be it anxiety, doubt, anger, frustration, overwhelming odds stacked against you, lack of confidence, those thoughts of I am not worthy – in fact all forms of emotions and feelings- I will show you how to experience all of them more positively, and how to work with them instantly, to bring about change easily and effortlessly for yourself.
You will love the ease at which you can Move That Mood.
Over the series I will help you build a tool box that contains the A to Z of Success of Authentic You.
As you join me your tool box will quickly be filled with stress buster techniques that are simple and easy to use anytime, anywhere, anyplace so that YOU can ‘Move That Mood’.
The tools I will share with you include different ways of looking at stress and will help you to physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually clear old ways of thinking that no longer serve you.
So if you want to ‘Move That Mood’ tune into Authentic Web TV to watch some thirty-minute episodes with me, on a monthly basis, or sign up for my newsletter and I will keep you informed.
Let me support your journey to…Live, Laugh and Love your Moments!

HERE are all the links to all of my programmes,
to date, to be able to watch at your leisure.

I would truly love your feedback, thank you.
As a gift I will send you a relaxation audio.

Gastric Banding with Hypnosis

Shifting YOUR Shape for YOU

A weight management programme based on

Gastric Banding with Hypnosis

This is NOT a Diet

This is NOT Food control

This is NOT an exercise regime

This may bring about permanent change in your Physical shape and supporting, your Emotional, Mental and Spiritual self-for YOU

Shifting Shape 7 week Programme

Objectives :-

To bring about permanent change in your Physical, Emotional,

Mental & Spiritual Self.


To feel positive about you for yourself.

To feel confident, comfortable and in control of who, what and where you are. Discover MORE

Life Coaching

Living and Loving Life in Balance

Certificate of Professional Coaching with Wainwright Global, Inc.

Certified Professional Coach with Strategic Learning Alliance

(Applied Learning Certification Institute)

Discover Your Vision.

Using your own words, initiated by my questioning, creates your

Vision Statement of Clarity, Direction & Inspiration for your future.

As a Life Coach, over this six week programme, I will cover the following categories for your Vision Statement. Professional, Financial, Health and Wellness, Spiritual, Emotional & Relationships

As a professional coach my aim is to:-

Clearly understand  your vision, needs and objectives.  Help you to develop the plans to move quickly and easily toward your goals.  Provide support to ensure you are nurtured and motivated to achieve your vision.
Celebrate your victories with you.

Discover MORE


SPMHNZ (Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand)

Hypnotherapy is a very gentle way of changing the pictures of the past that are hanging in your mind.

I have worked for many years, helping people to feel good about themselves in a gentle and supportive way.

Being a Senior Professional Hypnotherapist allows me to deepen the relaxed state of mind and re-enforce the positives, so that you have a good and safe foundation to begin to change your life.

Anxiety; Stress; Weight Management; Gastric Band; Becoming Smokefree; Quit smoking, Phobia’s. All Other Issues.

Discover MORE

Emotional Healing

Gentle conversations as you voice your fears and allow them to flow in a space of caring and safety, supporting your new beginnings.

Indian Head Massage

A very gently massage of the upper back, upper arms, shoulders, next head face and ears, whilst seated in a chair.  Treatment around 30 minutes.

Indian Head Massage Workshops

One Day workshops to learn over 40 moves to share with friends and family. Add one more day to attend the Practitioner Level to be able to use in your practice.

Ear Candling

A gentle way to move the wax in your ears to create balance and harmony.

Energy Balancing

To create balance and harmony within your whole being.

Spiritual healing is a natural therapy which is complementary to and works with all forms of allopathic or conventional medicine. It helps the patient to heal more quickly and to offset any side effects of conventional treatment. Spiritual healing itself has no harmful side effects.

Chakra Balancing

Working with the energy centres of your body (Chakras) and above and below to create stability and harmony with your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Auric fields.

Animal Healing

All animals have energy centres, similar to humans, where they need support to be in balance, with themselves. Occasionally they with share their needs or upsets, so that I can convey that to the owner.

Energy Clearing of Buildings, big or small and Land

The Invisible world (to some) is made up of very many different versions of Energy. They can be disruptive to progress and harmony of the owners or workers. This can be cleared discreetly with changeable outcomes. P.O.A


Releasing my morbid phobia

I am a 54 year old male. All my life I have had a mayor phobia it was at the stage of affecting my health and some what my mental state. The hospital would not deal with me.

I started looking for help either by luck or fate I found Linda. After two hypnotherapy sessions my problem was cured (the second one was at my request)my doctor was so impressed he asked for Linda’s name and contact details.

I now have a bright light at the end of the tunnel and for a change its not another train.

Linda thank you for putting the light back in my life.

G October 2016

“I had the honour of spending time with Linda. You will not find a more compassionate, warm and loving life coach than Linda. Her communication and client management style is exquisite, inspiring and all you will need to make progress toward your life’s ambitions.”

Barbara W 2015

Linda has helped me move through a period of significant challenge in my life. There will always be more to achieve, and possibly I may have got to this point without having had Linda coaching me (coaching is entirely the appropriate word) however, I feel that the process would have been a lot longer and almost certainly more painful.  Also, there was a real possibility that I would have ended up needing some chemical “balance” via a doctors prescription. Linda’s loving, gentle coaching and guidance has given me some tools and new awareness that I have been able to incorporate into my daily life and help me keep perspective. I will be forever in her debt.

A 2016

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