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How Can Sessions Help?

You begin to notice changes in our life; you experience less pain, you react differently, relationships change and you start to experience flow.

Health and vitality improve; potentiality of change starts to happen!

What you can expect in a session:

Each session is tailored to the unique requirements of the individual person.

Jane is like an ‘energy electrician’ – she literally checks where the fuses have blown and the resets the bodymind frequencies to restore balance.

Clients lie down fully clothed and Jane utilises the powerful MindScape techniques, along with a type of biomuscular feedback to locate the imbalances in the body that have blow a fuse (not communicating properly) and then finds the solutions required to restore effective rebalancing.

Jane uses a fusion of techniques that are different in each session. Clients have found this type of integrative energy medicine to be very powerful and effective in creating long-term benefits in a wide range of conditions.

These techniques work with the miracle of the natural healing power of the body rather than just covering up symptoms. This means that health and life changes can be long term and usually health and a positive approach to life continues to improve overtime.

Do you want positive change in your Life – Health – Relationships –  Career – Business?

Jane has designed packages to help empower you in any aspect of your life! They have the potential to break through barriers or life patterns that are holding you back.

Each package includes unique personalised sessions to address your specific situation.

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NEW to New Zealand!                                                       

MindScape™ is an amazingly powerful method to unlock the power of your mind and unleash the potential tool to harness the power of your mind.

Offering 21st Century quantum physics principles with ancient knowledge, MindScape offers a truly unique 2 ½ day seminar, which is easy to learn. Next course April 2015…Tauranga.

Courses coming up  in Auckland , Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Nelson.  If you would like a course in your town, contact Jane , she’s happy to discuss.

Jane is 1 of only 12 people internationally trained to facilitate this life changing course!

MindScape gives you tools that allow you to -

  • Gain easy access into your subconscious
  • Enhance your daily awareness of full potential
  • Develop your intuition and trust
  • Utilise your creativity to change your life
  • Clarify your goals and heart felt aspirations
  • Transform your life, relationships, health , career and abundance potential.
  • Having a variety of tools, that, with regular use, allows you to implement in all walks of life, personally and professionally, thereby improving your life experience on a daily level, in real ways and on all aspects.



Jane was invited by The Aotea Community Trust to run 3 Vision Board workshops over 3 days for various groups in the community, purposefully designed to inspire and empower, with her knowledge and unique ways of getting those creative juices flowing in real terms within people’s lives!

Here’s what they said after Jane’s visit :-

“Dear Jane

I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Aotea Family Support Group Charitable Trust for coming to Great Barrier Island last week and spending three days with us.

Thanks to your generous inputs over three sessions, we had our youth group, some of our young adults and then a dozen residents of all ages discover new horizons for themselves.

You have a wonderful and engaging style that introduced the concept of Vision Boarding to all participants, in a way that gave focus to translating loose thoughts and ideas into goals and aspirations, that I am sure will inspire not only those that took part, but also others in their circles.

For our work as a community group in a place deprived of the kind of stimulation and education taken for granted in many other places, your visit was a special opportunity to take a fresh look at where our lives are leading us. Thank you.”

Rendt Gorter

Programme Manager, Aotea Family Support Group, Great Barrier Island

Make your goals… then fast track your own reality! For more details see Vision Board 1/2 day Workshop

Jane would love to visit your area – contact her directly for details .

Lifestyle Vision Board – Allow yourself to make your dreams and desires happen!

New! Host a Private Party Vision Board Workshop in your own home.

As the host, you attend for free! Get a group of friends or your family together for a fun filled 3 hours.                              
Evenings and weekends available also – minimum number required.
Please contact Jane for more details.


Grief, emotional issues, allergies – man 70’s

“Jane has assisted me to deal with issues relating to bereavement, marriage break up, resentment and anger from childhood that I had long forgotten. She has identified and treated allergies, I now feel physically fitter, clearer in mind, calmer in attitude and lighter in spirit.” –   A.J.

Autistic Spectrum disorder, family relationships – boy 13

“As parents, we were desperate. Our boy became very frustrated at school and it caused all sorts of problems. We tried everything from counselling to herbal and naturopathic remedies.Body Talk sessions with Jane has successfully enabled him to be his true self. The whole process has been subtle and supportive. Body Talk has enabled him to make the changes that he so desperately wanted. This is evident in his latest school report  I urge anyone who wish, to make changes in their lives to give it a go.”  – Carol

Chronic stomach pains, digestive problems – man 30’s  

“Being a typical male I am sceptical of anything I don’t understand. I suddenly became ill with abdominal and kidney pains to the extent of Hospitalisation. I was unable to work, a life of lying on the couch in pain taking various types of medication ‘just in case it helps’. After my first session with Jane, I was in a much more positive frame of mind.  After the third session I was back at work and after the fifth I was 95% pain free. I cannot recommend Jane highly enough.” - Daniel

 BodyTalk  Access

“My children spent the day with their Dad who they don’t see that often – Karliah always comes home grumpy, angry and with mixed emotions. Last night she said to me – ‘I’ve been with Dad, I’m sad and angry and I need you to tap me Mum.’ I sat with her and did the cortices, once finished she said – “I just need you to do it one more time and I’ll be good.” I did, she lay straight down and went to sleep.

Again tonight she has asked me to ‘tap’ her so she can sleep better – she is 7. I love that she can feel it works and knows that it helps her. Thanks so much for coming down, it was lovely to meet you, and learn from you. Thanks so much.” – Alicia Evans

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