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Wellness Coach, Wellness Training, Kinesiology Qualification,

Wellness Wednesdays are evening workshops on various aspects of Wellness, come to one or come to them all.

Kinesiology Training and Clinic.
There are may Kinesiology techniques that are covered by KANZ .  I combine several to  give a more holistic approach.  My favourites are Touch for Health Kinesiology including the Metaphor Balancing Technique, Kinergetics including RESET, and Wellness Kinesiology

Muscle testing is the tool that identifies the elements that make everyone unique.  I believe that everyone is responsible for their own health and Kinesiology enables me to assist you care for yourself to stay well. Stress is one of the main causes of being unwell as it makes us ‘uptight’ and when part of the body is blocked the energy does not flow.  By finding the problem muscle and emotion the whole body can be aligned. Feeling relaxed keeps the stress hormones away and enhances the good hormones assisting the body to heal itself

I offer a relaxing balance which will align the body and enhance relaxation, a full Kinesiology Balance or a Laughter Yoga session.

Laughter Yoga

Laughter is said to be the best medicine and in Kinesiology we learn the importance of the various emotions and movement of which Laughter is the one most important to me as it can balance the other emotions and is movement.  Laughter is achieved by exhaling and so by working with breathing and laughter the body increases its levels of oxygen and so most conditions can be improved.  Laughter Yoga can be done sitting or standing and is a great way to get some gentle exercise for those not able to exercise in the normal manner or who want to keep asthma, depression and most other conditions away.. 

is for Jaw problems.  A simple non-invasive system of relaxing the jaw muscles, which enables the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) to reset.


What Do Our Clients Say.......

Part of my recovery in overcoming "The black dog" (depression) has been my participation in Laughter yoga. It is truly wonderful to be able to laugh again - for no reason.  I particularly like the eye contact as we do our exercises and we are interacting with other people who are laughing. It connects us to other humans rather than feeling isolated.  It feels very caring and joyful. - RM


I had breast cancer three years ago. When I look back, I don’t think I had kept a balance between work and relaxation before my illness. We often hear “Laughter is the best medicine”, and I strongly believe that it is so true.
They say that children laugh about 300 times a day. However, the number drops to 15 times when we become adults. This is a significant difference. As we grow up, it seems we become more serious and can’t just simply laugh like children. During my treatment, I watched funny movies and TV programmes, and listened to comedian’s CDs, realising I hadn’t laughed aloud for a long time.
About one and a half years ago, I read an article about Laughter Yoga clubs in the North Shore Times. It says laughter boosts the immune system by increasing antibodies and natural killer cells to fight illness. I thought Laughter Yoga would be an ideal exercise to build up my heath, so I joined the Browns Bay club.
Since then, I have been enjoying Laughter Yoga with the other members. I go regularly to the weekly laughter session, and I also participated in the World Laughter Day, and a Laughter Yoga leader training course. Laughter Yoga will continuously be of benefit to my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
- 5 July 2010 MM


Aged 72, I attended my first class of laughter Yoga at Glenfield on Tuesday mornings with Louise as Leader.  At this time I was recovering from various illnesses-pancreatitis, gallstones and gallbladder removed, suspected pneumonia, a lot of flu and diagnosed as having mild lymphoma.  I had also suffered from severe depression a lot of my life  I spent nearly 4 weeks in Auckland and North Shore Hospitals during 2010.

It was November 2010 that I learnt about Laughter Yoga and first joined the Glenfield class, that wasn’t enough for me, I wanted Laughter Yoga more than once a week.  I began to also attend the Browns Bay class on Saturday mornings then this year I have been attending the Ponsonby Club on Saturday mornings.  Attending classes 2 or 3 time a week has not only changed my health but also my life.
In May this year the haematologist at North Shore Hospital told me that the lymphoma had gone.  He and my doctor are very pleased with my health, I am taking 3 prescribed drugs each day instead of the 7 one year ago.
The yogic deep breathing, stretching exercises, active involvement, laughter and being with fun loving, friendly people changed my life. Breathing deep during the day aids my brain and body-fantastic. I surprised myself last month (July 2011) by going to the Olympic swimming pool in Newmarket and aqua jogging for more than a hour, previously I rarely stayed in the pool for more than 20 minutes. My energy was so great that I wanted to stay longer and enjoyed it more than ever before.
At my ‘young’ age of 72, I do 4 or more hours of gardening on some days and also teach English as a private English Teacher to six students.  To add to my success I trained as a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher in July this year.
Recently I laughed on my own quietly while travelling on the bus for 35 minutes non-stop. How relaxed I was, joyful with beautiful peace.  My new motto is –“Don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow!”  Less stress, more joy, better quality of life. Very Good, very good, Yeah.
- OD 31 July 2011

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