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You don’t need to spend the winter months constantly feeling under the weather….

Winter is here and along with the colder, wet weather come those pesky colds, coughs, chest infections and more.  There are however, a few things you can do to help protect yourself and your family from these nasty viruses that love to invade your immune system, so that you don’t succumb!

Vitamins and minerals are all important in helping to boost your immune system so a good nutritious diet rich in fruit and vegetables is a great place to start.  Adding vegetable juices to your day, warming and nourishing soups, bone broths, lots of leafy greens such as spinach and kale can go a long way to helping you stay well. 

There are a few critical vitamins and minerals that will also help to protect.  These are:

Vitamin A / Beta-Carotene

Have an important role in your immunity and a deficiency in vitamin A reduces the function of cells whose job it is to mount an immune response when the body is exposed to an infection. 

Vitamin B

The B vitamins can be reduced if under stress, taking the oral contraceptive pill or drinking excess alcohol.  They are directly involved with your immune system and reduction in B vitamins can mean you are more likely to succumb to an infection

Vitamin C

Decreased vitamin C leads to reduced immune function and increased risk of infection.  Supplementation has been shown to improve your immune system and improve resistance to infection meaning you are less likely to get sick.

Vitamin D – the sunshine vitamin!

A potent immune modulator so helps you stay well.  The best source of vitamin D is the sun but during winter a supplement in the form of D3 may be useful.


A highly important mineral for immunity and deficiency of this may mean you are more at risk.  It is a key antioxidant that helps protect from viruses.

My Favourite Immune Boosting Start to the Day

Squeeze the juice of a lemon into warm water and drink it prior to eating. This will ready your digestive system for food by stimulating the release of stomach enzymes. It is a great source of vitamin C and if you add slices of fresh ginger, and a teaspoon of manuka honey, it becomes a good immune booster for winter. Try this instead of your morning coffee for breakfast!


In summary, maximising these critical nutrients both nutritionally and via supplementation should you need a boost, will help you and your family stay well this winter.  These alongside herbal medicines are a proven way to protect you from the winter ills and chills.

At Tonic Room and CityMed we are always happy to help and advise you regarding your best immune boosting options.  Please contact me for further information on keeping well.

All the best

Caroline Robinson

Natural Health & Nutrition

June 2015





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