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Web Services For Your Health Practice
The Most Supportive & Targeted Exposure For Your Health Business ..

Having a strong local web presence in a digital-dominant world is now critical to the future success of your health business ..

Here's 5 ways we guarantee your web success in 2019:

1. More exposure, traffic & client email enquiries within TWD and local Google
2. Modern Interactive tools such as 'Ask The Expert' to increase client bookings
3. Enhanced credibility as an online author & expert in your field
4. Greater & Varied web features to meet your specific web goals


5. Your own 1-1 online web support to help you get the most out of your advertising

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Benefits - 2019



 Upgrade Business Listing

4-Page Mini-Website
& Contact Box

4-Page Mini-Website
Contact Box

Profile Website Links



List Therapy Categories
Registration Bodies



Your Own Online Email & Web Coach
Personalised support all year round!



Articles Promoted Within
The Wellness Article Directory



Articles Posted To Facebook & Twitter

2 x Article


»» Writing Strategies, Templates
& Exclusive Member's Area

'Ask-The-Expert' Access
Post unlimited answers to questions

Show Up in Top Search Result Places

Events Promoted Within 
Events Section & Home Page

'Timely' Booking Software 
Increase clients & reduce admin

30-Days Free

30-Days Free

Events + Articles Promoted Within Monthly Wellness Newsletter

$550 Professional YouTube Graphics Video


Professional Logo Design


Fully Customised & Professional WordPress
Website Package


12-Months Member Options
& Payment Convenience



(A) Annual Investment
(1-Month Free)

$627.00 +GST

$1,997.00 +GST

(B) Half Investment*

$342.00 +GST

$999.00 +GST

(C) Monthly Investment

$57.00 +GST

$177.50 +GST

*Half investment option consists of one upfront (half) payment with the 2nd final payment due within 30 days afterwards

• What Other Therapists Are Saying ..

"Investing in an Expert membership from The Wellness Directory is the best marketing decision I have ever made! ..

I had a website for 9 months and could only make Page 5 in Google searches. My profile with The Wellness Directory now brings my business details up straight away - I don't even need to type in my business name, just the name of the town I live in and one of my therapy keywords.

I'm currently delighted with my Google rankings and overall local web exposure!"

Thames Hypnotherapy & Reiki

"I recently became a member of The Wellness Directory to further promote my Health and Performance Coaching business. This membership gives me one year of expert web advertising and email support. Within nine days I received my first enquiry. When I asked the client how she had found my services she said when she typed in EFT Hamilton into the search engine the first page listed at the top was The Wellness Directory. Her search was quickly satisfied and she was able to send an enquiry to me immediately.

As a Practitioner this is great! The support from the team with regards layout of content, article publication, and social media promotion on Facebook, has also been superb. Thank you!"

-Linda Wells
Outcomes Unlimited