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Pranic Application Workshop 2

10 Aug 2024, 10:00am-5:45pm

Location: Hamilton

A follow-up certificated workshop that will introduce colours to enhance all healings. Protocols are in place for bust, tummy and hip tucks, fuel economy, relationship, business and finance help, sports enhancements, home gardens, pest control, contamination of work and home environments to list a few techniques that will be covered. A powerful workshop where you will be part of team in a safe environment and enjoy the fun and laughter that happens during the weekend. Some testimonials are on the website from previous students.

More information: http://www.rainbowmountaintherapies.co.nz

Pranic Application Workshop Level 3

24 Aug 2024, 10:00am-5:45pm

Location: Hamilton

This workshop will cover working beyond the energy centres, healing aspects of psychotherapy issues. We work on phobias, suicidal tendencies, fears, anxiety, psycho emotional disturbances, anger, frustration, grief and other areas in this category. By moving the stagnant energy caused by thoughts and emotions one can move on with their life. Crystals are given out and the techniques of how to use these for everyday healings on oneself and others to enhance and help in a big way for any healing. Face Lifts without touching is included in the course. Once again a full on certificated course helping the body and life aspects in so many ways. Testimonials are available from students that have loved this course.

More information: http://

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