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Magnetic Therapy | Knee Pain

Is there a certified magnetic therapist near Tokoroa?
Answers: 0; Views: 1018; Keywords: Magnetic Therapy Knee Pain Submitted on: 24-11-2022

Podiatry | Angina

Answers: 0; Views: 3167; Keywords: Podiatry Angina Submitted on: 22-12-2020

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) | OCD

Is there a professional for EFT in the Auckland area?
Submitted on: 09-07-2013; Answers: 2; Views: 403886; Tagged under: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) OCD

Herbal Medicine | Insomnia

Does it neccesarily mean I have Depression as my GP tells me, I disagree.
Submitted on: 19-03-2013; Answers: 2; Views: 313313; Tagged under: Herbal Medicine Insomnia

Massage Therapy | Arthritis

Does massage help to lessen the arthritis pain?
Submitted on: 26-07-2013; Answers: 2; Views: 225073; Tagged under: Massage Therapy Arthritis

Podiatry | Foot Problems

My heels are sore not cracked and I am not overweight. They ache every day, I wear flat shoes
Submitted on: 21-08-2013; Answers: 1; Views: 222960; Tagged under: Podiatry Foot Problems

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) | Breathing Disorders

Hi there, where can I find an EFT practitioner in Christchurch please? Thanks
Submitted on: 16-10-2014; Answers: 1; Views: 207365; Tagged under: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Breathing Disorders

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) | Childhood Abuse

Are there any therapist in the auckland area who are comfortable working with a profoundly deaf person. Theresa
Submitted on: 14-09-2012; Answers: 0; Views: 28531; Tagged under: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Childhood Abuse

Cranial Osteopathy | Breathing Disorders

My 15 week old baby has been congested from birth @ 36.6 weeks via c-sect. Can treatment offer relief or actually clear it up?
Submitted on: 30-11-2012; Answers: 0; Views: 24956; Tagged under: Cranial Osteopathy Breathing Disorders

Brennan Healing Science | Chronic Fatigue

Have you worked with people that have adrenal fatigue. If so do you thing Brennan healing has been helpful to them.
Submitted on: 12-02-2013; Answers: 0; Views: 28833; Tagged under: Brennan Healing Science Chronic Fatigue

Cupping Therapy | Thyroid Problems

my age is 26 female which type of treatment in cupping therapy. for tyroid proplem plz explain
Submitted on: 28-02-2013; Answers: 0; Views: 27287; Tagged under: Cupping Therapy Thyroid Problems

Aquarian Healing | Chronic Pain

How can I stop taking pain killers and deal with my pain of fibromiayial as I want to deal with it naturally
Submitted on: 30-04-2013; Answers: 0; Views: 36329; Tagged under: Aquarian Healing Chronic Pain

Cranial Osteopathy | Tinnitus

Hi there I have had ringing in my ears for the past 3 months do you think the above would help? Thanks Jose Taylor
Submitted on: 16-05-2013; Answers: 0; Views: 22938; Tagged under: Cranial Osteopathy Tinnitus
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