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How would it feel to start your holidays with a sense of satisfaction for all you've achieved this year? And what if you could also go into your new year with a vision for your life that was so compelling that it made 2014 a stellar year for you?  This is what I want to give you for Christmas – the gift of acknowledgement, appreciation and a vision for your life next year.

Since you know better than anyone else what you've done this year and what you want for next year, you're the best person to do this, so I've designed the Summer Revolution Life Review Kit – a simple and insightful tool for reviewing the year and creating a vision for the one ahead. It’s yours, free to download today (see link below).  

Noticing your brilliance
It's rather too easy to hurtle through the silly season without looking back, only to then lurch into the new year, barely taking a breath to consider what kind of year you want to have. It’s also amazing how much happens in a year; how much we accomplish, learn and contribute to others without even realising it. We often underestimate how much we’ve achieved and focus more on what we didn’t get around to doing.
What I don’t want for you, is to go rolling into your holidays feeling like you haven’t done enough, given enough, helped enough, been enough. You have! Having been unwell off and on over several months this year, I caught myself falling into that trap recently. When I stopped to do my own ‘life review’ I realised I’d completed a copy-writing course, written website copy for a whole new website, run hundreds of coaching sessions and so on - despite working only part-time for a good chunk of the year. Plus, I’d gotten myself well and learned A LOT more about health and balance. Phew. Even when we think we’re not being ‘productive’, we can be progressing a lot. Why not take time to acknowledge yourself and all that you've achieved? 
Being nice to oneself
And in case you think that all sounds a bit 'soft' to you, or if you're more accustomed to giving yourself a hard time about what you didn’t get done, I can tell you now that giving yourself a hard time simply drains the life out of you. And the reality is that self criticism doesn’t motivate us. Author Dr Russ Harris says “It’s an illusion. We think that by beating ourselves up, we’ll become a good person. It doesn’t happen.” Motivation is more likely to come from realising that you’re building on an already-solid foundation (all your achievements, learnings and experiences) and from focusing on what you really want to create in your life (more on this shortly!). 
Spotting the golden nuggets
If we’re not careful I think we also miss the ‘golden nuggets’ nestled among the challenges, stresses and unexpected turn of events; things like the learnings we’ve had, the people we’ve met, the support we’ve received or given, and the foundation we’ve laid for our future success. Taking time to notice these golden nuggets and taking them forward with us can be incredibly useful and uplifting.
Creating the vision
As well as taking heart from what we’ve achieved, it feels so good to go into a new year with a vision for what you want to experience. What do you want to achieve in 2014? What kind of year do you want it to be? What would make you leap out of bed in the mornings? 

I’m a little obsessed at the moment with idea of ‘lifestyle design’ – thinking about how you want to be living your life day to day and over the year. You might know what you want in terms of your job/business, relationship, family, home, financially, but have you also thought about what you want your days to look and feel like? Would you like more time in the week for alone/recharge time? Would you like to go down to four days a week, try going vegetarian for a while, or plan four 1-week holidays throughout the year? Do you want to move to another part of town, or another part of the country? Do you want to work from home one day a week or walk the kids to school each day? 

Going into the year with clear intentions around those things will make the world of difference to making them happen – because of course if you don’t know what you want or how you want it, you’re unlikely to get anything. You could just let the year take its own course, or let this be the year you create a revolution in your life!

The Summer Revolution Life Review Kit
So, to make this easy and enjoyable for you to do this, I have created the Summer Revolution Life Review Kit – which you can download right here. And I congratulate you in advance if you take the time to complete this for yourself – after all, giving yourself the gift of time to yourself is often one of the biggest challenges.
The Kit is designed to help you review your year, realise your own magnificence and be the architect of your life. Enjoy!

The Summer Revolution Life Review Kit 
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