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This is the common response from most EFT newcomers.

Properly applied, an estimated 80% achieve noticeable to complete pain relief within minutes and the result is often long lasting. No meds  surgeries or other medical interventions involved.

 Why such dramatic relief?: EFT aims at two vital causes of pain that are largely outside the medical approach. this is why EFT often works for pain relief where nothing else will.

Cause #1- Disrupted Subtle Energies: It has long been known that subtle energies circulate throughout our bodies and that the free flow of this energy can be vital to our health. Interrupt this energy and the result can be pain and disease. Eastern health practices have been based on this concept for over 5,000, years. Einstein's findings also relate to our bodies being composed of energy.

It should be no surprise, then, that repairing any disruptions in these subtle energies can lead to symptom and pain relief. This is achieved by stimulating (tapping on ) certain ''release points" on the body.

Cause #2- Negative Emotions (Anger, Trauma, Fear, etc): It is a well established medical fact that our emotions trigger varying chemicals in our bodies. Joyous emotions can produce healing chemicals while negative emotions can create disease causing chemistry into our systems. For example, you may be familiar with how stress might contribute to ulcers or high blood pressure. We have seen evidence of this repeatedly as pain subsides once negative emotions have been addressed with EFT.

Properly done,  the EFT process address both of these causes simultaneously .

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E.F.T is an emotional version of acupuncture wherein we stimulate certain meridian points, for the release of physical and emotional stress.

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