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Have you ever felt that nothing works when it comes to Migraines? You can feel the pain creeping on from the back of your head, and if you don't 'hit' it with strong pain killers, nothing really works to reduce the pain except maybe an injection. If you were told that your migraine is 'hormonal' and nothing can be done about it, you suffer in silence and endure the monthly 'time out'. Not very nice, to say the least.

It is always a great relief and a great satisfaction for the practitioner, if another client finally receives help that not only reduces the frequency of migraines, but even eliminates them entirely! So yes, there is hope!! Bowen Therapy is a very gentle form of bodywork, that stimulates the body to heal itself. The treatment consists of very gentle 'moves' over particular muscle and fascia, that send messages via the nervous system to the brain, which then initiates changes on a cellular level to re-instate balance in the body and mind. This is a very relaxing form of treatment, and in fact aims to balance the nervous system, so that the body can be receptive to healing. Interestingly, the client often reports other positive 'side effects', which points out the holistic aspect of this therapy.

A session usually takes up to one hour, in which the client lies on a massage table, usually clothed, as Bowen is performed through light clothing. The number of treatmentsneeded is different for every individual. As a general guideline, an acute condition or injury requires 1-3 treatments, a chronic condition can take 4-6 treatments, and a degenerative condition may need more. However, the frequency of sessions varies. Only the first 2 treatments are given one week apart, then the appointments are usually stretched out to assist the body to make the necessary changes in order to bring the body into the original state of health. I work very much with the feedback of the client to ensure the right time for every session.

As people regenerate more long term, no long term treatment protocol is needed. For enquiries, please visit my website and send me an e-mail for more information. for more information and practitioner list

Yours in Health!

Inga von Benzon

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