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 I began my month of June at a friend’s place in Whitianga. They have lots of bush on the property and there was a Tui on a tree just by the house. He was singing his heart out and kept on flying to a large window at the top floor.

Yes, he thought he was courting another bird, but he was in fact courting the reflection of himself in the window. We were there for two days and for two days the Tui relentlessly kept on with his advances at the window.

This made me think: how many times in our life do we try our outmost in communicating with others, only to find that the other party/ies do not respond. We then become disappointed, gain a sense of defeat, rejection, grow in resenting people and stop trying to communicate.

My question is:


  • · Whom were we communicating with? Our self-reflection or the other party/ies?


  • · Were we parading our qualities or where we enquiring about the other person/s qualities?


  • · Where we showing some interest in the person/s or were we listening to our own song?


Remember, next time you do not get a response from the other person, listen to the song just sang. May be you need to change the lyrics

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