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You may of heard the say, "you could cut the air with a knife". To me, this is meaning that the atmosphere is feeling thick and tense. Often times there can be a build up of energetic debris from past anger or fears. Perhaps there have been heated discussions with a loved one or family member or a sudden change in life circumstances which have created this negative energetic residue in the space.

Examples of this could be a recent divorce or separation or with children leaving home. There is often residue of emotional energy which lingers on in the space through attachment or longing for the situation to be different. This lingering energy may also be present when moving into a new home or office premises as the energy of the previous occupants can be felt.

I’d highly recommend a clearing session to support in bringing the space back to harmony after a burglary. As there are often a variety of emotions including a feeling of sadness, anger and fear, or of being violated from the burglary.  A clearing session will support in preparation for the arrival of a new baby. And work places can benefit with improving productivity with a clearing session and create a more vibrant and healthy space.

An energetic space clearing is ideal for houses, office spaces, hotels and rental properties. Each property is different and the clearing work is done based on the individual needs of the client. The clearing work can be done on-site or by distance and both with amazing results.

A range of tools may be used to support with on-site clearings including Tibetan Bells to support with the sound vibration, Reiki, using healing crystals or a space clearing spritzer made with essential oils. I always complete an on-site clearing with a smudging of the space using a mix of lavender and sage and then a blessing is offered which is unique to the space. Following the clearing the atmosphere feels lighter and calmer, feeling more vibrant, blissful, harmonious and healthier.

Over the years I have done many on-site and distant energetic space clearings. I find the distant work just as effective as being on-site. I tune into the location and the people who live in the house when doing distant work. I have also tuned into various locations around the planet when terrible tragedies have happened as a way of supporting the sudden loss of lives and impact on the location. Examples of this are 911, the earth quake in China, the tsunami in Japan and the list continues.

If you feel that your home or office space could do with an energetic space clearing, find a professional who is able to support you. I'm sure you'll appreciate the difference that this work can make in creating a more loving and harmonious space.


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