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Getting the balance back for your juicy 2013 plans

Being ‘that time of the year’, I’m seeing a lot of clients who are finding those old stress patterns and bad habits from last year starting to creep back in. I have certainly had to hit the pause button a couple of times this year already to get back into balance. So, what are you doing to get the wheels back on?

Don’t let it carry on. That’s what burn-out is borne out of, and it takes a damn long time to recover from, so let’s avoid that folks.

I know I go on about this quite a bit, but your amazing mind and body (actually neuroscientists call it your Bodymind since it’s one whole system) is the most sophisticated and clever structure on the planet. It is also an organic system – not a machine. This means you have to look after it!


Even machines actually need looking after. While my beautiful little white laptop has an extra-long battery, if I leave it unplugged from the wall for more than 6 or 7 hours, it will close down and go dead. It needs electricity to keep going, just as a car needs to be fuelled. Your body also needs to be fuelled, and if you are not eating breakfast, forgetting lunch, or eating carbohydrate-filled junk food, you are not fuelling your body adequately, simple as that.


If you’re not drinking at least 2 ½ litres of water a day (just reminded me to take a few gulps!) your body is probably not sufficiently hydrated. The neurons in your very clever brain simply cannot fire properly when you are thirsty (your brain also gets hungry since it uses about 40% of the food you eat).


And while I’m on this thorough rant about health, what’s your sleep like? I am also talking to a lot of people at the moment with very shabby sleep (and therefore shabby energy levels). Going to bed around the same time every night does wonders for your body clock (your circadian rhythm), which helps your body properly replenish itself for the next day. Research abounds now about how detrimental light (and especially the blue light of electronics) is to sleep. It inhibits the production of melatonin, a very important hormone for sleep and overall health (University of Surrey). And more here. Turn off your iPad, iPhone, speaker systems, DVD players, TVs – anything with shining lights that glow through the night, and let your body sleep in reasonable darkness where possible.


What else can you do to retrieve your balance and feel back in control of your day, your week? What beliefs and thinking keep us stuck in stress patterns? I am offering my free webinar to help answer these questions and more. Let’s blast apart the popular myths that keep you on the mouse wheel and let’s get practical about how you can take charge and improve the balance in your life. Register here


Get off the mouse wheel and on track for your goals

5.30-6.30pm  Monday 18 March


Getting your awesome goals back on track

Awesome goals require you to step up. I am so excited about the year ahead, about the new products I’m creating and the new brand we are launching (very soon!). Sometimes I have to reign in my enthusiasm, slow down and check what I can actually fit in to the time I have (that’s the keeping balance bit!), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve also realised that I constantly have to get out of my own way to create these things – deal with my fears, ditch old out-dated beliefs and really start believing my own story. Really believing.

What is it you want to create for the world this year? Is it to change the way something happens in your workplace, to create more quality family time, or start a business? Has it been on your agenda for long? Some of my agenda items are a couple of years old, and I’m only just getting out of my own way! It doesn’t matter, just make a start.

What is in your way? Because here’s the thing, you are the best person to move it! Let go of the old ‘Oh, I can’t do that now I’ve got the kids’ routine, the OLD beliefs, the OLD emotional baggage, and anything else you know is holding you back. The world actually needs you to turn up and do what you want to do. Because it will make a difference.

I’m coaching a number of business owners at the moment and it is such a buzz seeing the breakthroughs they are making and the difference they’re making. Yee-ha! If you’re still trying to work out what is getting in the way, give me a call totalk about it. I’m happy to help you work out what you need, maybe it’s coaching and maybe it’s something else – they key is to work it out and get on with it. Easy.

If all you need right now is a little more inspiration I will leave that to this delightful young man - The Kid President. Create something that will make the world awesome.

Have a fabulous month!


PS  Did mention the FREE WEBINAR this month?  Get off the mouse wheel and on track for your goals!

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