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Then find a Homeopathy practitioner to help you with Childbirth, Common cold, Immune System Dysfunction, Trauma (PTSD).

Concordia Health recognises that we live in a world complicated by environmental toxins, vaccinations and poor diet. The solution to wellness requires recognition of what needs to be changed so the self supporting vital energy of the person can flourish. Using Kinesthetic Resonance Method (developed through Intentional Grace), the homeopath can identify the underlying problem and develop a solution using homeopathic medicines, flower and gem essences, healthy foods and naturopathic supports. For instance a child with repeated colds and illnesses was found to have a parasite undermining her immune system. Using homeopathic medicines made from parasites has helped the child’s immune system rebuild itself.

At Concordia Health we know the importance of asking clients about the significant traumas in their lives. Not surprisingly people often avoid talking about traumas but when they do explore it with a trained and sensitive homeopath, they can see that by blocking their emotions they have become stuck. A well chosen homeopathic medicine that addresses the underlying response to the trauma will often bring a person back into a state of wellness and allow them to flourish once again. Homeopathic medicines are easy to take, children love them and there is no interaction with other medications that need to be taken. These traumas may be induced through a near drowning or other major fright, or can even go back to birth trauma.

For some years Angela Hair, the main homeopath at Concordia Health, has made and worked with homeopathic medicines from maternal substances. These include breast milk (Lac maternum and Lac humanum), Amniotic fluid, Umbilical cord, Placenta (Nexus, Placenta hip developed for hip dysplasia - see here ( for more info) These very special homeopathic medicines address the widespread issues of disconnection, poor nutrition and lack of protection felt by many people in this complex and confusing world. Importantly like all homeopathic medicines they are made to ensure they are safe to take even in pregnancy and by babies. Animals also flourish when given homeopathic medicines that don’t respond to conventional treatments.

Visit our Concordia Health website ( to book a consultation with Angela Hair either online or in person. Based in Hastings, New Zealand, Angela uses a unique way to work out the best homeopathic medicine to stimulate your body to help itself when illness, emotional problems and toxicity issues need addressing.


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