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Caroll Macy has recently returned from Advanced study in the USA adding to her experience of helping people with Metal and Chemical Poisoning, and infections by Fungi, Parasites, Bacteria’s and Viruses.

For the past two years Caroll has extramurally and via webinars been studying FCT BioResonance  under the guidance of Dr Yurkovsky a USA trained and practicing Cardiologist  who has been achieving stellar results assisting people with health conditions that have been considered challenging.

You may be experiencing one or a combination of symptoms that have proved impossible to treat or in some case identify, other than feeling not quite right – these may not necessarily be diseases; but symptoms of deeper, broader multi systemic poisoning of your various body tissues.

These symptoms may range from Allergies, Anxiety, Autism, Auto-Immune disease, Headaches, Insomnia, Candida, Brain Fog to the more serious Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Motor Neuron and Multiple Sclerosis.

Dr Yurkovsky teaches that if your bone Marrow (the main blood and Immune cell maker in the body) or the Brain cannot be detoxified then it is virtually impossible to clear poisons from the rest of the body.

Your Bone Marrow is the Key to Good Health

FCT  BioResonance Testing is unique in its ability to pin-point exact information concerning the state of your internal organs and the many different systems – and the poisoning agents that may have been lodged in them. Finding which poisons are exerting a paralyzing effect is essential.

How does it work – a nerve reflex results in a muscle response upon exposure to a given poison (in a vial) similar to lie detector test. The reaction originates from the brain recognizing the substance – in it’s absence there will be no reaction.

The Therapeutic Method – the therapy (Isopathy) must induce not only the release of identified Metals, Chemical, Bacteria or Fungi it must also support weakened or distressed Organs and Systems; preventing these poisons from being dumped back in them.

These poisons are addressed by each individual’s own needs – then in specific potencies for each individual corresponding to the degree and depth that the poison may have penetrated into the cell. No one size fits all.

Also the individual will receive organ and system support (Sarcodes) in the necessary potency for each and every weakened area. This is a field that other practitioners ignore.

Let Caroll and her experience help you on your journey to restoring the one thing vital in life – YOUR HEALTH

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