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 Nail biting, Thumb sucking

This article was taken from “Healthy Options” magazine.

Nail biting is considered an antisocial problem. Yet when you understand why a child or an adult bite their nails, then you may feel more compassionate.

The main reason for people biting their nail is because the silica level has dropped in their body. Nature then demands an immediate reimbursement. The easiest way of course is to absorb it back through our two silica constituents –your nails and your hair. So that the human instinct to replacing the much needed silica is to nibble on the nails or, in some cases, suck their hair. Even fiddling with their hair is an indicator, so is the child sucking his thumb.

Instead of growling at a nail bitter of a thumb sucker, may be you can suggest that they replace the lost mineral silica. This can be done through eating fruits and vegetables with skin on, or through the Biochenmic Cell Salt. Silica, which is available at your local health food store.

Other deficiencies your nail may show

·       Thin split nails: indicates a lack of Vitamin A, Silica and Sulphur in your body

·       Flattened nails: indicates a lack in iron

·       White spots on nails: indicates a lack of Zinc

·       Moons showing: Indicates a poor constitution and you need a tonic to build up your blood.

·       White band across the nails: indicates poor iron and B12 level

·       Ridges across the nails: Indicates family history of lung problems and a poor immune system

·       Cuticles inflamed: Indicates a Candida problem, that is, a yeast allergy exists. Remove all yeast product from your diet

·       Hard nails: indicates that you have a good hormone level

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