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Body Pain | Inner HealthWith an injury like a cut or break, it is easy to see the reason why someone is in pain. But what happens when the injury isn’t obvious? Trying to explain your pain to others when they cant see any outward signs or reasons for the pain, can be very frustrating. You can feel like no one takes your pain seriously, they aren’t listening and they just don’t understand.

Pain is one of the most debilitating conditions of the human body. It not only causes physical hurt but also is emotionally draining and stressful. It can interfere with your ability to interact with others socially, as you may just not have the tolerance you used to or find it hard to be cheerful.

Describing your pain to others is very difficult. Using words such as a dull ache, shooting, stabbing or throbbing pain may help, but the fact remains, words don’t do justice to the sensations. Even trying to help someone understand the level of pain you’re in can be tricky. Are you tired of trying to cope? Are you looking for a way to reduce or eliminate your pain? Do you want to sleep well and wake pain free? Is there help out there for acute and chronic pain problems?

The answer is YES!

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a gentle, hands-on treatment, (derived from Osteopathy), which doesn’t use manipulation. BCST works with the body’s ability to recognise the source of the pain and reorganise the nervous system and body tissues to promote healing throughout the body. Supporting the adrenals with BCST (which can become exhausted with chronic pain) helps restore energy levels. It’s a safe therapy for all ages, from newborns to the elderly.

If you would like help to find out how BCST can help your aches & pains & would like more information or to make an appointment- phone Angela on 0274510234. Check out the Inner Health website

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Author: Inner Health
Angela is a Registered BCST Practitioner (PACT) since 2002 & teaches BCST internationally. BCST, a non-manipulative hands-on therapy, allows the body to lead a process of change, helping health & vitality to return. CST can help mums, babies, injuries, chronic conditions, pain, trauma & stress.

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