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I turned 40 last month. Numerous people have eyed me wonderingly, gauging whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly, it feels good. I like nice round, even numbers, but I also know that the main reason it feels good is because I’ve made some big decisions this year that feel right for me and I’m in the midst of a lifestyle re-design – and coming into this next decade that stuff really counts. Knowing I’m living life on my terms makes 40 feel great!

As we near the end of the year, and if we manage to take a breath amidst the mania of silly season, it can be a time of taking stock and gathering our thoughts on how life has been going, what dramatics we’ve survived, and hopefully what cool and unexpected things happened too. I did some of that thinking a bit early this year, and realised it was time to make a few changes.

For several years I’ve had it in my mind to live by the beach, and that I’d do that once I had created a strong online business, or had married someone who wanted to live on the coast, or until I had squillions in the bank, and, and, and …

Do you know those ‘dreams’, those things on your ‘bucket-list’ that you hope one day will happen?

A few months ago one of my mentors, Lucille Henry, said we need to take these things off our bucket-list and put them on our to-do list. That’s when we start to make life happen the way we want it. I came to the realisation that sometimes you just need to take charge, and make that damn gorgeous bucket list happen!

“Don’t worry about dying, worry about not living.”  Spirit Science

So, to this end, I have decided to go bush (and beach)! From January I’m going to be based in my original hometown, Whangarei, where many of my friends and family are, and I will spend one week a month with clients face to face in Auckland, whilst moving most of my coaching and programmes to online (that means Skype and phone sessions).

This will be a stepping stone to eventually be living even more coastal – or on a tropical island(!) – and still allow me to spend time with my important people and work with my clients.

“life written by others is a life unlived.”  Yusuf in Scheherazade, Anthony O’Neill

I’ve learned that no one will ever carve out a lifestyle for you that is beyond the norm – you have to do that for yourself. We live in a very traditional society with pretty fixed ideas about our 9-5 / 5-day-a-week lifestyle – and I’m all for shaking the tree on that, and hell, shaking things up a bit all-round!

What do you want to shake up next year? Please post in the comments and let me know what you’d love to transform, what kind of lifestyle, work or relationship you want to claim for yourself.

And where to start? An incredibly simple way to start claiming a lifestyle you like from the get-go next year, is to put all of your holidays and long weekends for next year into your diary now – then plan work around them.

Nice one.

And I want to give you another practical way to truly take stock for yourself over the holidays, AND carve out a year for yourself in 2016 that makes you want to relish every moment.

I’d like to gift you my Summer Revolution Life Review Kit.

Your free download: The Summer Revolution Life Review Kit

This is the third year now that I’ve made the Life Review Kit available to my clients and subscribers – a simple but profound process to review the year you’ve had, and look ahead to the one to come.

I’ve found the process of thoroughly taking stock of everything I’ve achieved and experienced in the year can be quite cathartic. It’s so easy to go launching into a new year without pausing to reflect. I think it makes us even wiser as we stride ahead – and perhaps has us taking more mindful steps that might just lead us to a more fulfilling year.

Click here to download your copy. And share with a friend too.

Have a wonderful holiday time, nourish yourself.

Be brilliant. You are!

Karen x
[PS.  If you’re a business owner or leader and want to kick-start 2016 with a solid plan for the year you REALLY want, you might want in on this workshop on 5 Feb.]


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