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Lifestyle balance and a holistic approach to life are important and all part of being human. Throughout our lives we are connected at different times to our aspects of being which include physical aspects, mental (emotional) aspects, social aspects, and spiritual aspects. At various times we are strongly connected to them and other times we are less connected to them.

By taking some time out with counselling we can begin a process to look at each of these aspects and decide where we are, which aspects we are no longer connected to, which aspects we are over-committed to, and what changes we need to make to satisfy our natural human holistic needs.Hayden Oswin Counselling | Birkenhead

With counselling we can not only re-focus on what is important but, also help us to re-focus and understand better how we are feeling (our emotions). It’s okay to think through what’s happening for us, but we can think until we’re blue in the face and not make the time to engage with how we are feeling about a situation, relationship, or problem.

Counselling provides a non-judgemental and safe environment for you to feel what you need to feel in relation to what you are thinking.

Spirituality is an important part of being human. Spirituality isn’t necessarily about being religious but about believing in a “higher power” that can guide you, love you unconditionally, and provide you with solace at times of mental, physical, or emotional pain.

Ceremonial recognition adds a dimension of spiritual experience that can otherwise be lacking in our busy lives. Ceremonies are a powerful way to reconnect with the sacredness of life and affirm our beliefs and values.

Ceremonies can be simple but at the same time a great way to transition and relieve ourselves of “blockages” which are preventing ourselves from learning something new about ourselves or the people around us.

In summary a balanced lifestyle and holistic approach to life can provide us with a way to give meaning and purpose to our lives. Counselling and/or ceremonies provide us with a means to achieving this and at the same time growing and changing to improve our ways of being human.

With an initial assessment counselling session we can discuss your current issues and problems and help you to begin the process to finding a balanced lifestyle.  With talking, simple ceremony, and refocusing on your cosmo-bio-psycho-sociality you can reconnect to the different aspects of yourself which can improve your way of being human. 

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I am a Counsellor & Celebrant who will provide you with a professional service to meet your needs. My goal as a counsellor is to assist people with depression and anxiety and in particular assist people with issues and concerns relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

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