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For many who experience back pain, it becomes a chronic recurrent problem that interferes with many aspects of life. Sports, hobbies, sleep and work can all be affected. Life may not be as enjoyable as it once was. Most treatments may only give temporary or unsatisfactory relief. There is hope; long lasting relief is a possibility. The key is to address all the major contributors to the pain. Regardless of whether it is sciatica, neuralgia, disc herniation, or a muscle pull, they all have 3 factors in common.

Swelling is a natural response to all injuries. Its purpose is to trigger pain neurons so you are aware of the injury as well as to start “cleanup” of the area. If the inflammation becomes long-term, the “cleanup” is extreme and becomes spinal decay or arthritis. Therefore, reduction of swelling is essential for proper healing. Anti-inflammatory medications have very short term results with the possibility of side effects. Ice is an alternative for fast temporary reduction. Chiropractic adjustments will give long lasting inflammation reduction and aid in the prevention of future episodes.

Loss of motion is not just an inconvenience; it can also contribute to arthritis. When the muscles are tight and spasmed it creates faulty spinal movements. Stretching and pain relievers will not make a difference if the spinal joints are “stuck”. Chiropractic adjustments correct the spinal movement allowing the muscles to relax. When the spine is no longer “stuck” and the muscles relax, you will have better, pain-free motion.

Most low back pain injuries are caused by weakened postural muscles not holding spinal joints in proper positions. When these joints are not aligned, faulty movements occur, muscles spasm, swelling begins, nerves become irritated, and discs are under more stress. A variety of injuries can occur; all causing pain and leading to arthritis. In order to have a full resolution of the pain, these muscles must be strengthened once the swelling and motion has been addressed. There are many exercise programs designed for this purpose. Start slow, but be consistent. It is essential that your spine remains in the proper position and moving freely during this process. Strengthening the muscles around a misaligned spine will reinforce improper movement and muscle spasm. Periodic chiropractic care during this process will ensure the best results.

In summary, chiropractic care along with ice therapy and exercise will address and resolve the major aspects contributing to back pain giving a long lasting resolution. If just one area of concern is not addressed, the result will be temporary. Chronic recurring injuries not only cause pain, sleeping difficulties, decreased motion, and arthritis, but also a life limited in happiness and fulfillment.

By acting on these principles you can enjoy long lasting pain relief. Why wait and suffer any longer. Holistic chiropractic care can improve your pain and your life. Visit my website for more information. Or call 027 4994064 to schedule an appointment.


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