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Parenting a toddler has its delights and challenges. Is your toddler starting to worry you with their health, eating, sleeping or behaviour? If so, then maybe a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) session can help.

What is BCST?Toddler Times | Inner Health
BCST is non-manipulative body therapy derived from Osteopathy. It’s gentle and works with the body’s ability to reorganise and heal itself, which means it’s a safe therapy for all ages, even newborns. The body is an integrated whole, so often a number of ‘body systems’ are looked at during a session to see how they’re functioning. These include bone alignment, muscle tensions, nervous system over-activation and gut function. Children respond really well as BCST isn’t invasive and they get to play
during the sessions.

How can BCST help my toddler?
Toddlers are treated for a variety of issues. These commonly include: repeated ear infections; sleeping problems; digestive issues; headaches; aches and pains; accidents; social/behavioural and learning issues (Autism/ADHD); immunisation reactions and for general health checks.

BCST enables the child’s body to settle by bringing balance through the nerves and associated structures. A settled, pain free body results in a more relaxed child who becomes calmer, digests better and sleeps more soundly. This helps avoid over-tiredness and over-stimulation which can affect behaviour, attention span and social interactions with others. Changes in the muscles and bones can allow better drainage of the ear canals, relieve headaches and remove pain and discomfort. That makes for a happy toddler and therefore a happy family!

What happens during a BCST session?
It’s Play Time! Sessions are held in a child-friendly room with lots of toys, books and puzzles. During Play Time, the practitioner puts their hands on the child’s body. Common areas of contact are the back, stomach, shoulders and head. The older toddler may be happy to lie on a massage table while having a book read to them during the treatment, whereas children who are shy may like to be treated while sitting on their parent’s knee.

If you would like a calm, contented little person in your family, phone Angela on 027 4510 234 to make an appointment, or check out the Inner Health website

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Author: Inner Health
Angela is a Registered BCST Practitioner (PACT) since 2002 & teaches BCST internationally. BCST, a non-manipulative hands-on therapy, allows the body to lead a process of change, helping health & vitality to return. CST can help mums, babies, injuries, chronic conditions, pain, trauma & stress.

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