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Q 4 1/2yr old daughter has been on varying doses of laxatives since she started solids. Have been to 2 pediatriceans and now with Gastrointerologist. Toileting is our issue and quite concerned with school starting July. Still soiling underwear but wees mostly reliable. Have been to psychologist to implement techniques. Will biofeedback (or anything else) help with this timing/sensation issue? thanks

A HI there

I would recommend consulting a naturopath who is familiar with rebuilding gut health. If you are in Auckland I can recommend Rebekah Paddy at Mother-Well who specialises in children too.

My personal preference is for NLP for the "psychological" part of the issue - Des Shinnick who is in Auckland but also travels sometimes has specific experience in the area of toileting and is great with children.

IF there is any suspicion of injury or birth trauma (including Caserian) then ConTact C.A.R.E - especially twists in the base of the skull or at certain spots in the spine can upset the whole digestion system.

Also consider some kinesiology, my preference is Accunect but there are others. It is subtle work, but can find and move stuck issues, especially with children who are in general very responsive.

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Answered on: 12-04-2013;
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A Hi there
this is a little bit complex, as there are various factors associated with healthy bowel movements. If you are in Auckland, i suggest you book a time to discuss your daughter's situation in a complementary 20 min consultation then we can establish a treatment strategy. I use an EAV computerized treatment system that can definitely assist with findings and suitable treatment. Feel free to contact me anytime for further recommendations. Kindest regards
Inga von Benzon
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Answered on: 17-03-2013;
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