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Q I have recently become vegan (from vegetarian) and would like to know which foods promote the best proteins. I suffer from bi-polar type 2 depression and high blood pressure of which I am on medication for both. My goal would be to come off these medications using food to make me well. My weight is normal, I work out at gym 3 days a week and am 51 years of age. Can you advise me on how I could go about this? Cheers, Victoria

A Hi there Victoria

Can I suggest you consider the Shinnick Rapid Depression Treatment, as part of your regime? It is a quick(and therefore very cost effective), common sense approach, and Very effective at interrupting the actual mental process of depression. It will most probably streamline the whole process. I think the idea of addressing diet, and specifically gut health is excellent.
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A Hi Victoria,
I have just posted an article "How to Find Protein in a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet".
Having said that a vegetarian diet may not be your best health option. If you have made the choice for "ethical" reasons I can work with you on that so that you get the best diet possible, if your vegan choice is for health reasons I may advise you rethink the decision.
I have worked for over 30 years helping people with mental health problems- 20 years as a naturopath helping people with diet, nutrition, life-style , herbal medicine and homoeopathy to recovery from mental health problems as well as physical problems.
In naturopathy all aspects of your health are considered when assessing your needs and the interventions to best help you. Mental health is not looked on as a separate issue as it tends to be in conventional medicine practices.
B vitamins, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc and high quality fats are all essential in recovery with bipolar disorder. Another of my articles is - B Vitamins and Bipolar disorder.
My view on medication- stay on it while you focus on improving your health. Family friends, whanau can be a good sounding board to help you asses your health as well as professionals - conventional and complementary such as a naturopath. Then when all aspects of your health have improved go back to the prescribing Dr and discuss reducing the dose and the possible long term goal of stopping medication.
Please don't worry if this takes time it is far better have slow but sure methods of stopping medications. With bipolar disorder the episodes of poor mental health can come after sometimes month of good mental health, so it important you really build up your health over a long period before considering making changes to your prescribed medication.
Please click on the link to get in touch with me. I also have a few articles on mental health on my website, click the link too.
best wishes Jaine.
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A Hi Victoria, my first enquiry would be to ask why you have chosen veganism as a lifestyle. Although the medical profession would very likely disagree with me, my findings after working with several clients with the disorder suggest bipolar disorder is a result of 'metabolic syndrome' combined with faulty thinking. The latter is not a slight on your thought processes because most of us engage in faulty thinking on a frequent basis.
I would not be willing to offer you any advice based on your question as it stands. In my experience veganism does not provide complete nutrition for any other than carbohydrate types. I think your best option is to make an appointment for a thorough consultation.
Please email me at for more information.
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