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Q What can i do so i dont have to rely on traditional medicines which cause further health issues

A Hi there
to cut to the chase here, you have to unpack your "hypertension" and address how to make yourself not so hyper tense? NLP is my tool of choice in a situation like this, but some delicate body work to get your system calmed down may be a useful adjunct.
You should also consider diet and toxicity as part of addressing your lifestyle. The trick is to decide where to start - where the best leverage point is.
If I can help please contact me - I do coaching by phone if required

Answered by: Release Body Therapy and NLP Coaching;
Answered on: 12-04-2013;
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A Hello, I understand you have tagged your question under 'Homeopathy' however if you are interested, I would like to respond to your question as well.

I am a Hypnoenergetics Hypnotherapist and we work with health issues utilising our sessions to find the emotional link to the physical manifestation. This means you can explore your specific health concerns and find out from your own body why they have manifested and the best way for you, to heal them.

I am happy to discuss this further with you, and you can contact me on 0220594808 or email contact@wakinglife.co.nz.

Warm regards,
Answered by: Waking Life Hypnotherapy;
Answered on: 08-04-2013;
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