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Q Do you give hope to asthma suffers?

A Breathing retraining is a safe, clinically proven, simple and effective treatment for resolving asthma. Since 2001 I have helped thousands with asthma overcome their symptoms. I have included one example of the many testimonials we receive.

"I have seen children with asthma improve drastically and quickly with the Buteyko breathing exercises, as taught by Glenn White. The children were able to significantly reduce or even stop their asthma medications within weeks to months.
I highly recommend Buteyko breathing training to anyone with asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring or anxiety."
- Leila Masson, M.D., MPH, FRACP, DTMH, IBCLC

Testimonials like this from referring doctors and satisfied clients are available on our website. Please feel free to phone our Auckland clinic on 09-360 6291 for more information on how you can overcome your asthma naturally.

Best wishes Glenn
Answered by: Buteyko Breathing Clinic;
Answered on: 01-09-2014;
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A HI there
Sorry to hear you are suffering from asthma. I believe there is hope, and it may be a matter of finding the best approach for you, starting with more information around the circumstances and nature of your particular manifestation of the asthma label.

My partner Lisa Houghton is an acupuncturist, and has worked with some success with asthma. I work with breath in general, from both a physical and an emotional angle. You should also consider a detoxicication approach. I can recommmend an excellent Naturopath who I consider to be cutting edge for that. Any questions on any of these please contact me.
regards, Craig
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Answered on: 12-04-2013;
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