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Q I looking for support in developing a holistic plan to reengage with some or all of things i was involved with before my hospitalization including part time work, university study, social sport and music tutoring. I want help specifically with organization, time management, confidence and setting realistic deadlines for myself. Is a life coach the right person to talk to?

A Hello, it really depends on the life coach and their experience. Here at Waking Life we have experience working with people with Bipolar for various reasons. In regards to low confidence, we find there is always a limiting belief behind it, driving the behaviours. Usually we are not aware of these limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, however through Hypnoenergetics together, we are able to find the core belief which is holding you back, and change it. Hypnoenergetics Hypnotherapy can also help you achieve increased clarity of mind in order to re-organise your life. Our sessions are about empowering you to be able to take charge of your own life.
If you are interested in discussing this further please either phone me on 0220594808 or email and I would be happy to have a chat with you.
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A Hi there. A life coach can certainly help with the items on your list. If your bipolar condition is stable there's every reason to get these things sorted in your life.
My only caveat is in addressing a potential 'high' or 'low' that may surface as a result of the expectations a life coach might create. I recommend seeking a coach who has experience in working with bipolar clients.
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